Disco Lando | CIG
Date 1 hour ago
The Shipyard Q&A: Banu Defender is now LIVE

We tried a new style and format for our Q&A posts this month, providing the same number of questions, but in a single resource to make finding all the relevant...

Bault | Turbulent
Date 4 hours ago
Spectrum Feedback Impossible to follow a conversation with nested threads. TURBULENT: Please allow reader to choose.

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a line on this topic to say: "We hear ya!" We're looking to see if we can transition the thread-type (nested/chronological) into a "View...

CIG Chad McKinney
Date 6 hours ago
Ask The Devs Exploitable bugged turret and seat entry from outside of ship

The bugs regarding enter/exit via interactions from outside the ship are completely solved by the item 2.0 interaction system.

Date 8 hours ago
Ask The Devs Does the UEE have a Universal Basic Income?

Hi @Eschatos, good question. We haven't really worked that out yet. It seems like it could potentially fall under the Common Laws within the UEE, but I'll have to get...

CIG Calix Reneau
Date 8 hours ago
Ask The Devs Control Customization

This is actually supported under the hood already; multiple inputs can be assigned to the same action in the xml keybind, it just needs the proper interface to allow...

Fulgrim | Turbulent
Date 11 hours ago
Spectrum Feedback Finding your own or another member's posts

Hi @Cintara ! We are now working on a finer search, by Username. So you'll be able to search for your own posts, before we implement a way to jump directly to the list...

Date 12 hours ago
Ask The Devs RAM usage - commit twice of working set

The working set and commit size aren't concepts are directly controlled by any application, these are the responsibility of the operating system (see...

Fulgrim | Turbulent
Date 12 hours ago
Spectrum Feedback Make tags mandatory in some categories

Tags being mandatory are coming in 0.3.4, and they'll be more visible too (under the category name, and you'll be able to bookmark them)

Date 12 hours ago
Ask The Devs Amazon Lumberyard Temporal Anti-aliasing GDC Talk (2017)

Temporal AA is the only sensibly performing AA solution for modern deferred rendering engines (e.g. it's the default for Unreal 4). Our current version of Lumberyard...

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