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Cherie Heiberg
Date 36 minutes ago
Banu Dictionary New Terms From First Contact Day Souli Message

• dede (dedeyæ) - v.T3 - be lazy; exhibit laziness; slack off. • indíndue - pn./adv. - sometimes. • jali (jaliyæ) - v.T1 - wear; drape; cover to protect. • kafa...

Cherie Heiberg
Date 1 hour ago
Banu Language Discussion Smoother Sailing in the Protectorate Update

Hi all, We've just published a corrected and updated version of the Rust Society Guide to the Banu Language. You can find the updated PDF here:...

Disco Lando | CIG
Date 6 hours ago
General Questions Needed: Calling All Devs

Hi all, Putting another call out now for fresh topics after the release of Alpha 3.10, so let's see what you got. Remember that topics for CAD should be related to...

CIG Molly
Date 8 hours ago
General Roadmap Roundup | August 7th, 2020

Happy Friday, everyone! Each and every week, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to...

Date 10 hours ago
Feedback [3.10 Live Feedback] Keybinds and Controls

Heya @Diilicious, cheers for the hint concerning the W and S keys, I'll get QA to check the issues with the keybindings. :+1: As for simultaneous controls of remote...

Date 20 hours ago
Feedback Proposal: "anti-drift stable" coupled mode (including source code)

Hey @dengo, we've read through the proposal but haven't decided yet on what to do yet. We just closed down 3.10 and need a bit of a break to gather our bearings again...

Date 2 days ago
General Missing items after the new patch.

Thanks for the feedback on this, and just so you know, the Development team is aware of the issue. You can read more on this in the knowledge base article here:...

Date 2 days ago
Feedback Singe Tachyon 3.10 Live - it's a pain

Heya, just to weight in here a bit: We are still investigating the Singes. Related to that are the changes to the Defender which are considered temporary as mentioned...

Date 2 days ago
General Aren't we suppose to get a Monthly report on SQ42 today?

Hey Joseph, We always do a re-post of the Squadron monthly report on our website a week after sending out them as a newsletter. You can check out previous reports...

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