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CitizenCon 2951 Video Contest

CitizenCon 2951 (2021) Video Contest Rules

AMENDMENT/UPDATE – August 30th, 2021: Due to a large number of submissions (we need more time to review submissions), the Video contest will close a week earlier. The new submissions deadline is now September 12.

These rules (“Rules”) apply to the CitizenCon 2951 (2021) Video Contest (“Contest”) carried out by Roberts Space Industries LLC and/or Roberts Space Industries International Limited (individually and collectively “RSI”) and their affiliates. Please read these Rules carefully. By submitting a Contest Entry, you accept and agree to these Rules. If you do not agree to these Rules, any Contest Entry submitted by you will be invalid and you will not be eligible to participate in the Contest or win a prize.

  1. Eligibility – To participate in the Contest you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and reside in a jurisdiction where the Contest and your participation is legally permitted. You must have an account at RSI and have agreed to the RSI Terms of Service (see: – the “RSI Terms”). Employees of RSI and of their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, representatives, partner of the Contest (if any) and each of their immediate family members and individuals living in the same households of each of these individuals, whether related or not, of the above are not eligible to enter or win.
  1. Duration – Unless otherwise specified, the Contest begins on July 20th, 2021 after it is officially announced on Spectrum, and ends September 12th, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT as indicated by these Contest Rules and as adjusted or amended in any follow-up announcements related thereto (the “Announcement”). An entry will not be valid if not submitted within the Duration. An entry will also be invalid if further modified or edited by the Participant after the Duration without the express written approval of RSI.
  1. Participation and Entry – To submit a Contest Entry, you must create and submit a video in Star Citizen (“Video Submission”) which must be presented entirely in-fiction and celebrating or promoting a player organization or event, an NPC in-game entity or group, or other in-game content, to (and only to) email address as indicated within these Rules and the Contest Announcement; (individually a “Contest Post” and collectively “Contest Posts”). A Contest Entry is deemed received on the date and time in PDT indicated on the submission’s receipt by RSI, and is invalid if either its date and time the entry’s submission, or the date and time that entry first becomes visible and reviewable to the Judges, falls outside the Contest Duration. Contest Entries, including the Post posting on the RSI Site, linked video, and any other content within, are UGC submitted to the RSI Services under Section XII of the Terms and may be published and used by RSI without further notice, attribution, or compensation to you (see ). Participants are limited to a single Contest Entry for the competition; submission or participation in multiple submissions is ground for disqualification from the Contest.
  1. General Entry Requirements
  1. 1 Entry Posting Requirements: Contest Entries and all content associated therewith must abide by the following requirements
  • video must be submitted to
  • must include an accessible YouTube link to the offered Video Submission
  • must stand alone, and must not require reference to, or incorporate by reference, whether in whole or in part, any other video, Video Submission, Contest Entry, or external content of any kind.
  • must abide by the RSI Terms including Sections III (Rules of Conduct) and XII (Intellectual property) (see—
  • may indicate a maximum of three named (3) contributors or collaborators, including the submitting Participant
  • must indicate the publicly-viewable unique Account Handles of each contributor or collaborator
  1. 2 Video Submission Requirements: Video Submissions must adhere to the additional following requirements:
  • Must not infringe upon any third party music, effects, sounds, soundtrack, or other third party content
  • Video must have a total running time of no more than 45 seconds, including any preamble or postscript.
  • Must be in at least 1920×1080 resolution at 30fps Frame Rate
  • Audio must be in at least Stereo, 16bit
  • Must be uploaded to YouTube
  • Submissions should clearly state all individuals involved in creating their video at the time of submission
  • Videos must not include or require reference to, or incorporate by reference, any other video, submission, Contest Entry, or other external content
  • Multiple submissions by or involving a Participant are NOT permitted. Submissions involving participants who submit or contribute to multiple entries may be disqualified.
  1. No Lottery – No purchase, payment or other obligation is necessary to enter or win.
  1. Conditions of Participation – By entering the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Rules, including all eligibility requirements, and to abide by RSI’s decisions relating to the Contest which are final and binding. If a winner accepts a prize, said winner consents to the use of his or her name, image, likeness, photograph, voice, and biographical material for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes by RSI, in perpetuity throughout the universe and in any and all media now or hereafter devised without any further compensation, notification, or permission, to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law.
  1. Determination of Winner – On or by October 9th, 2021, RSI staff (the “Judges”) will select one or more winning eligible Contest Entry or Entries, from among the eligible Contest Entries based on Excitement Level, Quality, and Lore Adherence. RSI reserves the right to adapt or edit any or all aspects or content of the winning submitted content at its sole discretion for posting on the RSI Services. The persons that submitted the winning Contest Entries will be deemed the winners of their respective prizes and identified by their publicly-viewable Account Handles. A Participant may make or contribute to only 1 (one) entry, and. Any given Participant may only be awarded for at most one winning Entry during the entire Contest as a whole. Pledging on the RSI website does not affect or increase the chances of winning.
  1. Prizes – Eligible Participants who submit winning Contest Entries and are named within the submissions (maximum of 3 such Participants per winning submission) as determined by the Judges will be awarded prizes on their RSI Account as indicated within this Section. Limit one prize per winner, even if the winning Participant submitted or participated in more than one winning Contest Entry. The prize is as follows:
  • Tumbril Nova Tank in-game vehicle with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance)
  1. Notification – Winners will be notified and their Accounts identified to the public via the RSI Site on or by October 9th, 2021 and/or at the 2021 Digital CitizenCon online event after the contest has ended.
  1. Claims and Forfeiture – Winners will be notified via the RSI account or email listed in their RSI account as soon as determined, or on or by October 9th, 2021, whichever comes later. To receive their respective prize(s), winners will be required to sign an affidavit or otherwise provide affirmative consent regarding their eligibility, liability release (including for travel risks if the prize includes traveling), a publicity release approving the use of their name and likeness for publicity and marketing purposes, payment of applicable federal, and state tax releases, which release needs to be returned via email to RSI within 48 hours of notification, or else forfeit their Prize. A winner must respond to any such notices sent and provide the information needed to be owed any such Prize; failure to so respond will result in forfeiture of the Prize and, at RSI’s discretion, disqualification of the winner and allocating any limited quantity Prize, if applicable, to an alternate winner. For fulfillment of any physical prize, a winner must provide a mailing address for shipping within a jurisdiction where the Contest and his or participation are legally valid. RSI will cover the cost of shipping or delivery required for prizes that are not Virtual Goods, but a Winner must cover any customs or import duties and clearance fees for delivery. Failure by a Winner to cover said duties or fees will result in forfeiture.
  1. Disqualification – Any breach of the RSI Terms or these Rules by you will disqualify you from participation in any Contest or receiving prizes. RSI may, at its option, disqualify you from participation if you have previously won a prize or been disqualified from any contest, sweepstakes, competition, or other promotional offering held by RSI. Any Participant who submits a Contest Entry that they themselves did not create or contribute to may be disqualified from the Contest. Submissions that contain material or content in violation of the RSI Terms, that fail to adhere to the requirements within these Rules, or is fraudulent in any way may also be disqualified. The disqualification of one Contest Entry by a Participant may result in the disqualification of any or all other Contest Entries submitted by or contributed to by that Participant. RSI staff and administrators, at their discretion, may remove, or order removed any and all entries submitted by a disqualified participant, as well as any entry deemed ineligible by failure to abide by the requirements of these Rules.
  1. Alternate Winners – In the event of the disqualification of a winner or his or her associated Contest Entry(s), RSI may, at its option, select an alternate winner from the remaining eligible entries submitted to the Contest during its duration.
  1. Valuation – Unless otherwise stated in the Contest announcements or communications, prizes are digital Virtual Goods as indicated in the RSI Terms of, Section XI., Virtual Goods. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, and do not add, contribute, or otherwise represent any monetary value to your account. If a winner chooses to accept only portions of a prize, no compensation shall be awarded for the portion(s) not accepted and no substitutions, cash equivalents, or transfers are permitted except at the sole discretion of RSI. In jurisdictions where the law requires the disclosure of the retail value of a prize, the retail value of the non-transferable Digital Good as a prize is zero unless otherwise indicated.
  1. Governing Law – The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and void where prohibited.
  1. No Right to Sue – To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, by participating in any Contests you agree that you will not commence any legal action or lawsuit or assert any claim seeking relief against RSI or its affiliates arising from, relating to, or connected in any way with the Contests, including but not limited to, the awarding, redemption, delivery, or fulfillment of any prizes, the determination of winners or eligibility, or disqualification.
  1. Limited License – other than for the sole and limited purpose of participating in the Contest during the Contest Duration, these Rules grant no license, permission, or rights to use RSI Content, game content, or any RSI intellectual property for any other purpose whatsoever.
  1. Miscellaneous – Except as set forth herein otherwise, all terms of the RSI Terms apply, including (without limitation) XX. Indemnification, XXI. Disputes and XXIII. Miscellaneous.