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Roberts Space Industries
Information Access Agreement

The information within this notice is promulgated to you as a Citizen in Good Standing of the United Empire of Earth (UEE), pursuant to the Historical Truth Act of 2941(“HTA”) and the Militia Mobilization Initiative (“MMI”) and concomitantly subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Any elements of this disclosure not remanded to Civilian clearance by the HTA are conditionally supplied to you contingent upon the basis of your status as a Citizen in Good Standing. By accepting this information, you reaffirm your civic pledge to the laws and defense of the UEE and the responsibilities incumbent upon your Citizenship.

The Project Eclipse – signature-mitigated strikecraft, (hereinafter “ECLIPSE”) offered within this disclosure is a military-level asset, and as such is subject to specific and compulsory legal exemptions and requirements to their use and registration under MILPROC. Notwithstanding the declassification of Project Eclipse, ECLIPSE embodies proprietary technologies and intellectual property that remain under the ownership of Aegis Dynamics and/or the UEE.

Accordingly, both the MILPROC exceptions to doctrine of first sale and Bureau Regulations restricting the export of military-level assets apply: you may not transfer, assign, sell, or otherwise convey ECLIPSE to any individual who is not a Citizen in Good Standing of the UEE on pain of social demerit. You further agree to register any resale, gift, or other transfer of title of ECLIPSE with the MILPROC Registrar. Any cryptographic templating provisions accompanying any purchase of ECLIPSE by you will be considered null, void and reportable in the event of an unlawful transfer of interest.

You must immediately report any instance or incident of failure to maintain full control over the disposition of ECLIPSE to the MILPROC Registrar, including but not limited to the submission of any insurance claim, report of theft or larceny, or salvage notice.