Roberts Space Industries


Welcome to the Verse…

I don't want to build a game.
I want to build a universe.

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes STAR CITIZEN. 100% crowd funded, Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion… and you’re invited to follow every step of development.

More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay.

The Next
Generation of
Space Flight
A Living,
Breathing Universe
Star Citizen
achieves an unprecedented
level of realism
The Game Play
A full-featured physics simulation means that combat can be as complex as the pilot’s involved desire.

Push the limit and avoid g-forces during combat, or switch off IFCS and maneuver with six degrees of freedom like a real spacecraft. Manage your shields, energy signature, thrusters, armaments and dozens of other ship systems.

Visceral spaceflight means exploration can be a true challenge.

Navigate treacherous jump points, fly through derelict hulls, dodge massive asteroids, slip undetected through nebulae, face off against unidentified aliens and more. Being the first to chart new regions of the galaxy means being the first to deal with the unknown.

Star Citizen doesn’t just simulate the ships, it simulates the cargo.

Individual spacecraft components have their performance impacted directly by the cargo you choose to carry. Race at top speed to transport documents or max out your thrusters with a load of scrap. Every player’s ship will have its own unique configuration, so there will never be a ‘standard’ encounter.

The First-Person Universe

Live your own deep space adventure. Star Citizen places you in the middle of a living, breathing science fiction universe populated with friends, enemies and the unknown.

You decide how to make your way in the galaxy, whether you’re a simple merchant trader, a fearsome pirate or a badass mercenary… and anything in-between.

In Star Citizen, you control your destiny as you inhabit a world more immersive than ever before.

I am a PC game
Your Choices Matter

Choose your ship, choose your profession and choose your allies. Whether you’re searching for the perfect thruster upgrade for your Hornet or smuggling ancient alien artifacts across the Xi’An border, every choice impacts how Star Citizen’s world reacts to you.

Play the character you’ve always dreamed of being and build YOUR place in the galaxy.

Plant Your Flag

It’s your world: reserve your own corner of Star Citizen by backing to support the game during development. You’ll start off with your own Hangar and starship, along with everything you need to begin a career that could change the fate of the galaxy. What's more, you can start playing parts of the game today WHILE we're still constructing the universe.

Real Risk, Real Reward

Star Citizen features a fully realized death mechanic, giving exceptional weight to your choices. It’s a world where taking an additional risk might mean a windfall of credits… or your lifeless corpse orbiting an asteroid.

What You See is What You Play

Every Star Citizen trailer features 100% in-engine content using actual game assets. Our aim is to show you the game we’re building, not to stun you with pre-rendered cutscenes. With the attention to detail we’re putting into Star Citizen’s world, you’re forgiven if the two seem like one and the same.

trailer 100% in-engine
The next Generation
of Spaceflight
trailer 100% in-engine
Real Physics

Star Citizen’s ships don’t just look good, they fly in accordance with a detailed Newtonian physics engine. The game offers a full rigid body simulation of all spacecraft; if it flies in Star Citizen, we’ve figured out exactly how and why.

The game features numerous built-in flight models that will let you treat your ship like a traditional space combat game… or break the mold and pull off maneuvers that should only be possible in zero G.

Newtonian Simulation

We’ve worked hard on making sure Star Citizen’s flight model stands apart from everything that has come before. Ship performance is calculated dynamically based on dozens of physical variables and the ability of your maneuvering jets to deliver thrust towards a requested vector.

Every single ship customization impacts how your ship flies.

Intelligent Flight Control System

Every one of Star Citizen’s spacecraft features a comprehensive fly-by-wire system that allows even novice pilots the ability to get into the action. While IFCS is active, your ship will respond in a natural manner familiar to most flight sim pilots.

Thruster Coupling and Vectoring

You aren’t flying an airplane. Switch to any number of alternate flight modes to maneuver like a true spacecraft: reverse thrusters to stop dead in space, strafe in any direction… even disable IFCS altogether for complete 6DoF control over your ship.

G-Force Simulation

Star Citizen doesn’t just simulate the spacecraft, it also simulates the person inside it. It’s easy to push your machine to the limit… just make sure your pilot can take the maneuvers. Playing fast and loose with the joystick can get you an advantage in combat… but if you push too hard, you’re liable to black out, sustain permanent injury or worse.

Multicrew and Capital Ships

Don’t rocket into the unknown by yourself: Star Citizen features an array of multi-crew ships that teams of players can operate together. Imagine yelling “fighters inbound, on our six.” to your turret gunner, as your chief engineer desperately tries to keep your fusion engine together.

From small freighters to luxury star yachts to military warships, there’s a larger ship for every role and a role for every player. Whether you’re an aspiring pilot, gunner, engineer, medic, navigator or any of a dozen other optional crew positions, you can join with your friends and take on the universe.

Man the Turret... and More

Star Citizen goes beyond the traditional ‘man the guns or fly the ship’ experience. Star Citizen crews can include everything from navigators to doctors to interceptor pilots, all with a unique and fulfilling role to play.

A Little Help from Your Friends

From the start of the project, Star Citizen has been about building a community… and now that community is becoming a universe. We’re giving players ownership of the Star Citizen world now so they’ll be invested in the game world when the persistent universe launches.

Customize Your Ships

Lots of guns? Check. Plenty of missiles? Check. But you aren’t just picking your weapons in Star Citizen… you’re building the ship of your dream with individual components. Overclock your engine to run beyond specifications, install new targeting software or even build a stealth spacecraft by reducing your components’ electromagnetic emissions.

Strike Out On Your Own

There will always be a place for the lone wolf in our universe. Crew a larger ship with NPCs, or choose one of Star Citizen’s array of single-seat ships. Options range from the jack-of-all-trades Aurora to the dedicated Herald info-runner hacking ship. There are endless experiences for the solo player.