Roberts Space Industries
The Next
Generation of
Space Flight
A Living,
Breathing Universe

Star Citizen
takes you into a vision of
humanity's future

Worlds to Discover

Chart your own course and enjoy the thrill of exploration! Star Citizen offers an ever-expanding galaxy that players will navigate and build. Be the first to set your eyes on untold astral wonders.

Navigate treacherous spaceways to discover secret pirate bases. Cross militarized frontiers to deal with alien merchants.

Join the raging battle lines between human fighter pilots and Vanduul raiders in the depths of space. Locate lost derelicts and xeno-artifacts and priceless commodities in hundreds of ports and locations beyond.

Endless Environments

Space isn’t empty. From natural effects like nebulae and asteroid fields to man-made objects like derelict warships and space stations, we’re creating a universe where there’s always something new to discover and something exciting to explore.

The Game Doesn’t Stop When you Land

Star Citizen’s world isn’t just flying spacecraft. A fully-featured FPS mode lets you disembark and take the fight to the enemy… or to explore distant worlds, or navigate city streets in search of the perfect upgrade. We’re building a first person universe, not just the space between stars.

One Hundred Stars and Growing

Star Citizen will launch with one hundred star systems, each with multiple landing points to explore. Star Citizen’s high-fidelity worlds are expertly crafted to give players an endless platform from which to launch their adventures; no matter where you go, there’s something you haven’t seen before!

Leave Your Mark

You’ve charted a distant jump point, you’ve set foot on a strange new planet and now it’s yours to do with as you please! Report your finding back to the Empire and get your name in the history books… or keep it hidden, fight off claim jumpers and reap the new world’s rewards yourself.

Demo 100% in-engine
The persistent
Demo 100% in-engine

What will your story be?

Privateer, Marine, Explorer ?

Careers and Dynasties

Who will you be? The choice isn’t as simple as good or bad. Star Citizen offers dozens of career paths, each with extensive, ongoing gameplay.

Whether you’re a traditional fighter pilot or the captain of a salvage vessel, whether you’re exploring distant stars or raiding the trade lanes, there will be gameplay to sustain your lifestyle.

Fighter Pilot

The war on the frontier rages on, as Vanduul attacks become fiercer by the day. Join up with the militia and help keep mankind safe from savage aliens… or work as a bounty hunter, collecting credits by chasing targets on both sides of the law.


In the 30th century, mankind’s reach is ever-expanding. As new systems are discovered and colonized, the Empire’s defense forces are stretched thinner and thinner. You can side with those pioneers exploring the stars, or you can take advantage of their position to line your pockets! Raid commerce, hijack data, intercept key personnel and more.


There’s gold in the hills! Earth needs a steady supply of extrasolar goods, while fledgling colonies need everything from food to construction material. With thousands of possible trade routes and hundreds of goods to ship, there’s credits to be made by clever merchants.


Explosive intergalactic conflicts have created deep space graveyards aplenty. From recent battlefields between human and Vanduul to ancient ships thought lost in deep space forever, there’s plenty to discover and exploit. Pilot a massive factory ship to reclaim metal hulks, or board them and search for individual components and treasure.

A massive, expansive universe means there are always enemies.

Whether you’re joining the crusade against the Vanduul, battling other players for their bounties, raiding commercial transports or going beyond the frontier to explore the unknown, Star Citizen’s universe is populated with opportunities for PvE and PvP combat.

Let’s see what’s out there!

Star Citizen’s expansive universe will allow players to experience the thrill of discovery… in a way that matters. The jump points and planets you chart will be permanent additions to Star Citizen’s persistent universe, with explorers having the option to name or exploit them.

A big, ever-shifting universe means that trade is always changing.

A planetary crisis might mean a need for medical supplies one day, where a production shortage might need titanium the next. Add to that the challenge of facing off pirates and discovering more efficient trade routes. Every instance of player commerce updates the galaxy’s living economy!

Economy and Scale

The economy in Star Citizen is built to represent millions of entities (whether players or NPCs) that work together to move resources and finished goods from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Miners and other resource gatherers work to extract basic resources from the available supply, traders collect those goods and deliver them to other places, escorts protect those convoys from harm (while pirates attempt the opposite), refineries turn the raw goods into processed goods, and factories collect these processed goods to build the finished products that are in demand on worlds throughout the Star Citizen universe.

A Living, Breathing Economy

Star Citizen’s economy is based around players’ actions. Blockade a manufacturing planet? Goods made there will become more expensive and the government will start hiring mercenaries seeking your head! Bring in extra raw materials to a construction yard?

Ship costs will go down, and the site will become more attractive to pirates and raiders.

Player Impact

You are a key part of a larger system rather than someone working against it. Star Citizen features dynamic mission generation that will spawn naturally based on what is happening around you in the galaxy.

A Vanduul attack doesn’t just generate more targets for dogfighters, it generates search and rescue missions for medics and supply missions for players with freighters.

Buy Low, Sell High

Galactic commerce is a core element of Star Citizen’s gameplay. Shipping goods from planet to planet isn’t a cakewalk: it’s a fully-developed game mechanic and an option for any player interested.

Shipping food from Earth to Terra may make you a steady living… but moving to the frontier means higher profits and higher risk. Face off against deadly pirates, learn to navigate dangerous routes and trade with all forms of life!

New Frontiers

Star Citizen’s economy isn’t just buying and selling. It will react to everything from natural disasters to alien invasions, and in turn prompt the game to generate even more appropriate missions.

It’s a system that’s not just for merchants: it touches every single player, regardless of the career they choose!