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Star Citizen Live - Mission Features
Posted: 5 hours ago

Hey Mission People! This show has the people that make missions! Some of them, anyway. Also: discover the dark truth behind the Elmses and their familiar infiltration of CIG.

Inside Star Citizen - In The Arena
Posted: 1 day ago

What exciting new changes will come to Arena Commander later this year? In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, we’ll explore what our newly formed Arena Commander Feature team has been working on to give this dogfighting module some much-needed TLC.

Star Citizen Monthly Report: January 2023
Posted: 2 days ago

Welcome to January’s PU Monthly Report. Although the upcoming patch is still being tested and tweaked in the Persistent Test Universe (PTU), most teams began the year moving on from their work on Alpha 3.18. From extensive AI updates to new vehicles, locations, and features, read on for everything done in pursuit of 2023’s extensive content schedule.

Galactapedia Update January 2023
Posted: 3 days ago

Meet Anvil Aerospace founder J. Harris Arnold and explore the Oberon and Tanga systems in this month’s Galactapedia update.

This Week in Star Citizen - January 30, 2023
Posted: 4 days ago

Happy Monday, everyone! We continue painting the town red with the final days of Red Festival 2953 and community events both in and out of the ‘verse!

Star Citizen Live - All About Alpha 3.18
Posted: 1 week ago

Today we’re bringing Star Citizen Live back with a variety of guests from development to answer your questions and discuss all the things related to Alpha 3.18.

Inside Star Citizen - Lorville Revisited
Posted: 1 week ago

We’re back! Join us in this first episode of the year as we take a look at what’s cooking for Alpha 3.19. We’ll explore some new evolutions of the crash derelicts sites and preview the hazy future of an upgraded Lorville, now coming earlier than initially expected.

Squadron 42 Monthly Report: November & December 2022
Posted: 1 week ago

Welcome to November and December’s Squadron 42 development report. Enclosed you will find details on the latest progress made across the campaign, including crowd control, fire propagation, and alien character development.

Portfolio: Rise of the Red Festival
Posted: 1 week ago

A look at how the discovery of Davien system helped launch into the stars a holiday focused on Earth’s lunisolar cycle.

This Week in Star Citizen - January 23, 2023
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Happy Monday, everyone! Red Festival continues this week, and the Siege of Orison is well underway, so grab your gear and join the CDF to push Nine Tails back!