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Account FAQ

When I try the Account recovery option I am not receiving an email.

If you do not see an email after initiating the Account Recovery option (found under the “MY RSI” button), first check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see the recovery mail it may be that the account was registered under another email address. Please contact us and inform us of the login you used and we will be able to assist in finding the account.

I did not understand the naming system and now am stuck with a Handle I do not want.

Upon account creation you will receive one free handle change badge. This can be used by going to My RSI > Settings then click the edit button next to the area labeled “handle”. If you would like an additional handle change, this can be purchased for $5 through the store.

How do I change my login name?

Unfortunately your login ID is permanent and cannot be changed.

I received a package as a gift, why do I not have the associated title?

The titles that can be selected on the website are indications of backer pledge level. If someone were to gift a package even though the package is no longer on the account, that account still made the purchase for the package and only the account that makes the purchase is credited with the associated pledge level increase. The pledge level titles from the website may not necessarily be the titles used in game.

I no longer am able to purchase some limited ships such as the Aurora LX.

After the end of the grace period some limited ships were removed from the store. All limited ships will be able to obtained in game and could be available again at a later date before release but we will have to wait and see.

I gifted something to a friend and they are not shown as a backer.

The Backer status is an award for financial backers of the game. In order to be considered an original backer or veteran backer, a purchase would have needed to be made on the account prior to a certain date. Veteran backer – June 6th 2013 and Original Backer – Nov. 26th 2012. Since backer status is determined by making a purchase, it cannot be transferred through gifting because the recipient of the gift did not make the purchase. Note that this also applies to the various stretch goal rewards. These rewards are applied only to accounts which have financially backed Star Citizen and not those with only gifted packages.

I purchased a physical Scout, Mercenary, or Bounty Hunter package but now it says it is digital.

The Bounty Hunter package available from the kickstarter campaign was the package that included the Citizen Card. It was not shown as digital to indicate that it came with the card. The contents of the package always stated that it included a digital copy of the game. The packages that come with a physical box are packages at the Freelancer/Colonel level or above.

I am unable to convert my Rear Admiral to digital.

The previous website had an option to convert some physical packages that also had an available digital version to digital. The Rear Admiral and above packages do not have a digital option available for purchase and are only available as physical packages that include a box copy of the game. The purchase also includes the digital versions of the included items and the ability to download the game digitally.

I reclaimed a purchase by mistake, help!

If you reclaim a purchase by mistake, and the ship or package is still available in the Store, you have the option to repurchase the package or item using store credit. If the ship or package is no longer available in the Store, you can find it in your Hangar, in the “Buy Back Pledges” section. If you purchase something from the “Buy Back Pledges” section, you cannot use coupons or store credit. Please do not contact Customer Services requesting tokens to buy back with store credit, as they will be unable to offer additional tokens beyond those issued every 90 days. As always, ship melting is intended to be permanent, so please keep this in mind when reclaiming your pledges.

The price of the upgrade item is not enough to melt down and purchase the higher level package.

The upgrade item is a specific item that will be able to be used in game to upgrade that specific ship. Upgrade items are not intended to be used to upgrade entire packages but just the ship.

How do I upgrade an existing pledge to a higher tier package?

To upgrade an existing pledge, go to “My Hangar” and convert your package into store credit. Once you’ve done this you can purchase the upgraded pledge through the store. Proceed to checkout and enter the store credit using the “credit & coupons” button on the payment info screen during checkout. You can then continue with the payment process and pay the remaining balance.

How do I reclaim an item for store credit?

“My RSI > My Hangar”, find the pledge you want to exchange then click the arrow on the bottom right corner of the pledge to show more options. Click “Exchange for Store Credits” then enter in your password and click “Reclaim”. The amount has now been added to your account for you to apply on another order.

How do I use store credit?

If you are making a purchase using store credit, be sure to enter it using the “credit & coupons” button on the payment info screen during checkout (enter in the amount for example as: 35.00). Then you can pay for any difference in cost using STRIPE, Amazon, or PayPal.

How do I cancel an incomplete or incorrect order or add payment to an order after it has been placed?

If you accidentally created an order and you haven’t entered any payment information for it, the option to cancel the order will appear to cancel in your Billing & Subscription section after 24 hours. It will eventually cancel on its own after some time.
If you would like to pay for an order that you placed without payment information you can find it in your Billing & Subscription section, there should be a “pay now” option if eligible.

I did not receive the UEE credit from my package.

The UEE credit from your game packages will not be attributed until closer to game launch. You will need some to begin playing the game. Any bonus’ you receive are for you to have some fun with in the meantime!

I sent a gift to a friend but it is not appearing in his account.

They should receive an email which will have a link to accept the gift. After accepting the gift it should appear in their hangar list. Please note that the gift will be attributed to the account that is logged in at the time you accept.

Will I retain the LTI from my original or veteran backer package when I upgrade to a new pledge now?

Unfortunately LTI (like the rest of a package’s contents) does not transfer when a pledge has been reclaimed. Your upgraded pledge package will include the standard insurance listed in the package contents.

If I apply an upgrade to a ship that contains LTI, will it carry over to the upgraded ship?

Yes, as long as the ship has, or is in a package that includes LTI, when you upgrade the ship using a “ship upgrade” or “cross chassis upgrade” it would retain the LTI.

What are “Upgrades” and “Cross Chassis Upgrades” and how do they work?

Upgrades change the model of ship to another variant of the same type, for example; 300i to 315p.
Cross Chassis Upgrades change your ship to another type completely, for example; 300i to M50.
Ship Upgrades and Cross Chassis upgrades can be used together, and can be used on multi-ship packages.
Cross Chassis upgrades are only released once both the ship you are upgrading to and from are flyable in Arena Commander and the ship you are upgrading to must be priced higher.