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Persistence FAQ

As of Star Citizen Alpha 2.4.0 you no longer need to use the website to update your hangar configuration!!

The addition of the LiveWorks AR (Port Modification) feature now allows you to spawn ships, edit loadouts, and even customize the decoration in your hangar, all in-game. You can activate this feature by looking for the small circular blue nodes in various places throughout your hangar and on your ship.

So… how do I choose my Hangar?

You can now see all your hangars as individual destinations in the Universe menu on the main menu! Just select the one you want to visit and you’ll head straight there.

So… how do I choose my Ships?

Now that you’ve picked a hangar, you need to pick which ships you want to spawn. That happens inside the hangar using the Port Mod Mobiglass app.

When you load into your hangar it will be empty, a blank slate for you to customize to your liking.

Walk directly towards the middle of the hangar area, and along the floor you will find small blue circles on the ground representing the individual ports. (These will be in two rows either side of you in the R&Y XL hangar for you Starfarer owners)

When you place the blue crosshairs in the centre of your screen on the port, the Port Mod app will tell you what the port is for.

The port will display:
TYPE – The function the port serves
SIZE – The size range that the port will accept
ITEM – The Item currently attached to it

By left clicking we open the port and can choose what we want to attach to it.

When the App opens you can see anything in your inventory that will attach to the port you’ve selected. Everything in the list has its name, the location its currently attached and a count. Select the item you want by left clicking on it. The menu will close and the port will begin loading your ship.

The port will go through a couple of stages before your ship will appear. It will go from “Item Pending” while it loads the assets to “Item Blocked” if your player is in the way of the ship.

Once you’ve retreated a little way away from the port the ship itself will load in.

Please note: There are a set number of ports available to spawn your ships on. There are 3 size 1-2 ports. 2 Size 3 ports and 1 size 4 port. (Doubled for the XL hangar, plus 1 Size 5 port)

Placing a ship in one of the ports will block one or more of your other ports from being usable, as the ships wouldn’t fit in the hangar together!

To remove or swap your ship you need to re-open the port we attached it to!

This time the Port Mod App will show the currently attached item at the top of the window and we can remove it by clicking remove, or swap to a different ship by selecting a different one from the list.

…And my decorations?
Your hangar decorations work in the same manner, except the ports are placed all around your hangar!

So… what is Persistence?

Adding persistence is a huge milestone and a crucial addition to the game that will affect nearly every aspect of Star Citizen. The backend functionality has been completed that will allow for things like purchased items, Alpha UEC balance, hostility level, and more to persist between play sessions. This means when you log out and return later, what you did in previous days will still be there!

Will there be wipes like in other Alpha games?

Yes. As we continue to expand and flesh out this core foundation of the game, we will wipe the database from time to time.

What is Alpha UEC?

With this release we are implementing a brand new currency, called “Alpha UEC”. This currency exists purely as a test currency and is designed to test out economy balance, item pricing, mission rewards, and more. We’ll monitor the activity of the initial wave of Alpha UEC and improve and iterate on the features mentioned. At any point this currency, and anything purchased with it, can be wiped so that a clean slate can be instituted and we can begin a new cycle of testing.

How much Alpha UEC do I start out with?

You get 2750 aUEC credits! You can earn more by doing missions inside the Universe (Crusader).

You can read more detail about many of these changes on the release post here:

See you in the ‘Verse!