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Star Marine

What is Star Marine?

Star Citizen’s in-fiction combat simulator that lets backers engage in pitched FPS battles on the ground and in zero-g, complete with multiple game modes and leaderboards.

How do I access Star Marine?

Star Marine is accessible through the game’s main menu to all backers with Star Citizen Game Packages.

What is the difference between multiplayer and private matches?

In multiplayer, you can join up to 24 players for a unique and immersive multiplayer battle, while private matches allow for custom unranked matches.

How many maps are available in Star Marine?

Star Marine’s initial release features two maps: OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.

What is Last Stand?

Battle for dominance as you and your team fight to hold the Control Points before time runs out. The more control points you hold, the faster your score grows.

What is Elimination?

Fight for your life in this free-for-all mode, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.

How do I restock my ammo/grenades in a match?

Interact with Ammo and Grenade crates that are scattered throughout OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.

How do I restock my medical supplies?

Interact with the MediPen dispensers found on the walls throughout OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.