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September 12th 2012

Fan Spotlight: Paper Commander

Fan Spotlight: Paper Commander

In this segment we will be featuring some of the great work Chris Roberts’ fans around the world have been responsible for over the years. “WingNuts” everywhere have kept the flame alive through their online communities, collaborative fan projects and even their own fan-made games.

Ever wanted your own starfighter? Thanks to a Wing Commander fan named Péricles, you can make a whole fleet of them at home! He runs a website called Paper Commander which is dedicated to intricate models of Wing Commander’s spacecraft. From the sleek Rapier II to the familiar pancake-shaped Dralthi, you’ll find a host of familiar designs that you can print, cut out and fold yourself! Some of the models require a lot of experience with folding paper, so don’t get too frustrated when your first ship doesn’t turn out perfectly… but a little practice and you’ll have an impressive space navy all your own!

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