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December 20th 2012

Fan Spotlight: Stribog B

Fan Spotlight: Stribog B

One of the selling points for Star Citizen is that you will be able to mod it straight out of the box, adding your ships own ships and making other changes to the game for your own server. Unlike other games, we’re also going to go further by introducing a system by which players can petition to have their designs reviewed for use on the official server.

As it turns out, people are excited about this… so excited that they’re already building their own ships for the Star Citizen universe! One of the most impressive we’ve seen so far is the Svarog Industries Stribog B spacecraft, designed and built by a fan named Oddin! It has an amazing amount of detail both inside and out, from detailed modeling of specific weapons systems to every panel in the ship’s cockpit! He’s even created a Stribog technical PDF in the style of our Constellation update which contains more information about the impressive ship than you’ll ever need! You can access it here and you can follow the Stribog’s development at a forum thread here.

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