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January 10th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen Base

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen Base

The Fan Spotlight is back and we would be remiss if we didn’t celebrate the granddaddy of all Star Citizen fan sites: the Star Citizen Base forums! Star Citizen Base is unquestionably the busiest Star Citizen fan community out there and they provide an attractive and well-organized unofficial forum for fans to gather and talk about the game.

The SCB mods do an excellent job of keeping their site running and the Citizens there do a wonderful job of organizing all the disparate news sources about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. While you should always post to the official forums if you want your voice heard, the Cloud Imperium team also watches Star Citizen Base very carefully!

Is there a fan or a project you’d like to see in a future Fan Spotlight? Let us know below! And be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Wingman’s Hangar!

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