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January 31st 2013

Fan Spotlight: Thanks for the Tacos!

Fan Spotlight: Thanks for the Tacos!

In case you’re wondering: yes, we can be bought! Last week we received a letter addressed to Cloud Imperium Austin from the “Department of Bribery and Sycophancy.” Inside was a kind letter from fan Samuel W., along with a gift card to Torchys , a local taco joint! The letter reads, in part: “The enclosed intergalactic credit chit should be sufficient to fill your place of business with queso. Please accept it with the best wishes of a fan and neighbor. Should this gesture inspire, say, an Imperial Queso Barge to make an appearance, I hereby relinquish all claims on the idea.”

Thank you very much, Citizen! The card did, indeed, treat the Star Citizen team to a delicious lunch… and we snapped some pictures to prove it! We had a great time and we truly appreciate our fans going above and beyond like this… no one in the office could remember anything like this happening at a previous job! Want to hear more about the adventures of the Star Citizen team and our incredible fans? Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an all new Wingman’s Hangar! Wingman will be answering fan questions along with 3D artist Chris Smith.

And a great big thanks to Chulak as well, for sending us pizzas after last week’s hangar episode, you guys are simply the BEST! Did we mention how much we like Pork Chop Friday at Perry’s steakhouse? We love you guys!

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