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February 21st 2013

Fan Spotlight: French Community

Fan Spotlight: French Community

This week we’re celebrating Star Citizen’s incredible French-speaking community! And at the core of that is Star Citizen Communauté Francophone, a website that features forums, ship and system guides, information about the game and more! Not only that, but every Roberts Space Industries Comm-Link post is reported in French. Star Citizen Communauté Francophone’s design is also beautiful: sleek and fast! It’s an invaluable resource for the French-speaking fan!

We’d also like to celebrate Star Pirates, a pirate-oriented French-language website which also reports the latest in Star Citizen news. In keeping with this week’s push to get the Citizen Cards out, Star Pirates has posted a fan-built ‘card generator.’
You can enter your name and card type and get a mockup image of what your card should look like! If you’re waiting on your card, it’s worth checking out!


GameStar Interview

One special extra this week: on Tuesday we reported about the February GameStar feature story on Star Citizen. To write the article, a GameStar reporter traveled all the way to Austin, Texas to meet with the team in person. Heinrich Lenhardt was the very first game reporter to make the trek to CIG Austin and so Sandi sat him down to answer a few questions!

And for our many German fans, Sandi also conducted the interview in Heinrich’s native language:

Want to hear more about Star Citizen? Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an all new Wingman’s Hangar, live at 11 AM CST (GMT -6.) You’ll meet UI Designer Zane Bien and hear the latest on Star Citizen’s development.

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