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February 28th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Podcasts!

Fan Spotlight: Podcasts!

We’d like to thank everyone for their support during the Citizen Card shipping process. The Shipping Form has now closed and your user information is being sent to the manufacturer and we’ll show you what the finished cards look like as soon as possible!


For this week’s Fan Spotlight, we’d like to highlight two fan projects that are already going above and beyond in creating engrossing content! The Star Citizen community are a creative bunch and they’ve already produced several professional quality podcasts about the game that are both entertaining and informative! This week, we’ll look at two of the biggest English-language productions.

The first is stArs Oratoria. SO talks about the latest news from Star Citizen, the fan community and discusses how they think the game should work… with the occasional in-universe moment! StArs Oratoria has aired six episodes and you can find the first here or subscribe via iTunes.

The second is DrHawk’s Star Citizen FM, which also interviews the fan community and provides another take on the latest Star Citizen news! With his trademark dry wit, DrHawk is an excellent spokesperson for a great community! DrHawk has aired eight episodes and you can find them all via YouTube.  The first episode is embedded below:


Be sure and tune in tomorrow for the latest episode of Wingman’s Hangar, featuring Lead Designer Rob Irving!

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