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March 7th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Star Traders, Thank Yous and More!

Fan Spotlight: Star Traders, Thank Yous and More!

Last week we focused on the two great English-language podcasts run by Star Citizen fan… and now we’re looking abroad. Citizen SpawnHC is the man who organizes Star Traders, a German-language site with a similarly elaborate podcast! Star Traders features a 45-minute podcast discussing the latest from Star Citizen and the community. The second episode, embedded below, even opens with an introduction from Chris Roberts… in German! You can find both episodes here.

Fan Spotlight: THANKS!

Our incredible fans keep going above and beyond and sending gifts to the CIG Austin office! We’re overwhelmed by your kindness… and we’ll do our best to make a game that deserves this dedicated a fandom. We shot this video thanking you for some of the great gifts that showed up in the last week. Whooptiwoo sent the team to Five Guys:

… and Richard Henry sent us some delicious sandwiches!:

Happy Birthday, Freelancer!

Thanks to Citizen Skotty (via The Starport) for noticing that March 4th was the 10th anniversary of Freelancer, Chris Roberts’ last game and a title largely recognized as the last true AAA space sim. We’ll be putting together some special behind-the-screens information about how Freelancer was made for the RSI Museum in the near future!

Wingman’s Hangar

Be sure and tune in tomorrow at 11 AM CST (GMT-6) for Wingman’s Hangar to learn the latest from the Star Citizen team! VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner will be on hand to answer Wingman’s questions… you won’t want to miss it!

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