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March 14th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ship Designs!

This week we’d like to spotlight some of the wonderful starships being created by fans in the modding forums. Star Citizen will include the ability for fans to import their own ship designs for private servers… and there will be an approval process for adding the best of the best to the full game!

First up are a pair of ships from Hazzard65 and Knightsbridge Engineering. The first is the sleak S-Class frigate and the second is the A-Class Personal Transport. Both very cool ships with a distinctive look to them!

Next we have the AIB-35 “Gavel” from ePhalanx. This one is in the early stages, but it’s an extremely cool design… complete with an interior! Check it out!

Finally, our first Fan Spotlight, the Stribog B has been skinned with textures… and it looks pretty cool!

Stay tuned: we’ll be showing off more of the community’s incredible creations in future posts.

And check back tomorrow for an all-new Wingman’s Hangar featuring Lead Artist Mark Skelton!

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