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March 28th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Soundtrack Project

Fan Spotlight: Fan Soundtrack Project

Here at Cloud Imperium Games we’re only just starting to work on the music that will play when you’re fighting it out with the Vanduul in space… but over at the forums a group of fans have been creating their own score of music inspired by Star Citizen for months! They write:
What if I told you we’re making a Star Citizen soundtrack to rival any upcoming official one?

You’d probably say, “You must be out of your mind.” Or, “Yeeeah, good luck with that buddy.”
That sort of reaction would be common. After all, there wouldn’t be many people, if any, who have the ability to match the production level of a master professional who has many years of experience making music for media and video games. There’s no chance that composers such as Michael McCann, Jesper Kyd, or Jeremy Soule could be matched skill-wise by a no-name artists right?
Well, I’ll let the music speak for itself.
The work they’ve done is pretty impressive! Here’s the evocative main theme, by Caden L Welborn:

Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to listen to the finished album… and we can’t wait to share the music that’s going to be in the game so you can see how it stacks up!

And be sure and tune in tomorrow at 10 AM EST (GMT -5) for a very special episode of Wingman’s Hangar… with a surprise host running the show while Wingman is out of town!

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