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April 11th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Radd

Fan Spotlight: Radd

When the Star Citizen design team sat down to create the specifications for the hangar module, one of the first pieces of information we needed to know was how many ships a hangar would need to hold. During the pledge campaign we sold a dozen different ships. Had anyone been so excited about the game that they’d bought ALL of them? Who had the most ships and how many would we need to fit in their hangar at once?

The answer was a genuine shock: one Citizen, named Radd, had acquired a grand total of FIFTY NINE ships. Suddenly the “59 ship guy” was being spoken of in hushed tones around the office. We were proud that we had such a dedicated fan… but who was he and why did he buy so many ships? Wingman was determined to find out and we recorded the ensuing Skype interview:


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