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May 23rd 2013

Tyrol Wallpapers & Fan Spotlight

Tyrol Wallpapers & Fan Spotlight

Mobile Wallpapers

When Star Citizen designer Pete Mackay saw the concept art for the Tyrol System, he decided it was so cool that he needed to use it as his iPhone wallpaper. He played with the image, added the Star Citizen logo… and we thought the result was impressive enough to share with the community! Pete has turned out versions for a gamut of popular smartphones.


Fan Spotlight

We’ve featured Dr. Hawk and the Star Citizen FM radio show in this space before… but if you haven’t been following him lately, you’ll want to check him out again. This past week, the good doctor scored a half-hour interview with Chris Roberts himself! It’s a fascinating look behind Star Citizen’s development that goes into more depth than the average press interview:



Wingman’s Hangar

It’s almost time for another exciting episode of Wingman’s Hangar! Tune in tomorrow at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT) to hear the latest on Star Citizen straight from Cloud Imperium Games. Wingman will be interviewing network programmer Tom Sawyer and sharing all the week’s happenings from the development team… so don’t miss it!

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