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June 13th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships, Cake and More!

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships, Cake and More!

Today we’re sharing more of the cool ship art that Star Citizen fans are constantly creating in the Modding forum. Star Citizen will support a wide variety of mods on the player run servers, so keep building your own spacecraft!

Thread for the Whiplash

Thread for the Vortex

Thread for the Snubfighter

Looks deliciousLooks delicious

Happy Birthday!

Ever wanted to eat Chris Roberts’ face? One of our amazing fan guilds, THT, made that possible earlier this month, sending cakes to Chris and Sandi Gardiner for their birthdays!

$10 Million Clarification

On Monday, we announced that a fan named Danil Guschin was the one who pushed us over the $10 million mark. On further investigation, we aren’t sure: there were two pledges at exactly the same time and because of how our system works it gave us Danil’s name first… but on reviewing the data, Count-Farat from the Netherlands is just as likely to be the citizen who pledged us over the limit! We will make sure that he also receives one of the first Avenger spacecraft off of the production line.

Wingman’s Hangar

There’s another episode of Wingman’s Hangar inbound! Check in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Ron Lajoie plus all the news and features you’ve come to expect. Wingman’s Hangar airs at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT) right here.

Due to technical issues with the stream, the Hangar will be uploaded in HD and made available at 11 AM. Users are encouraged to watch together in the Live Chat!

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