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August 1st 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ship Designs

Fan Ship Designs

Every few weeks we like to take a moment to celebrate the amazing fan-designed ships being created at the Star Citizen modding forum. Star Citizen will include the ability to use your own ships on private servers and even submit designs for approval in the persistent universe… so this is not work wasted!

First up is the Slepnir Combat Support Vehicle by Applecrow. This ship looks like a great ground attack craft, with room for carrying troops!

EPhalanx is back with the Regent Innovation Glaive, a powerful combat ship that he likens to the Gunstar.

The Argon TravelMaster by Alexander Sinclaire is a little difference. It may look like a flying brick, but the concept is that it’s an unarmed civilian utility ship… something the Star Citizen universe is going to need!

Finally, Siebold presents the Pegasus-9E explorer, inspired by stories like Hyperion! He’s gone all the way from pen-and-paper concepts to a textured 3D model, just like the developers working on the game!

Wingman's Hangar Episode 32 Promo

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