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August 8th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Comics and Fiction

Fan Spotlight: Comics and Fiction

Fan Comics…

On a recent Most Valuable Post, we highlighted Protection’s amazing Star Citizen comic, featuring Chris Roberts’ battle against evil publishers. Here it is, in its entirety:

Fan Fiction…

On the prose side, Dutch’s story “Flight of Fancy” is soaring to new heights. With 36 parts of the serial already published, it has become a favorite of fans in the Art and Fiction forum. The story is a prequel to Star Citizen with a large cast of characters embroiled in political intrigue as a UEE Admiral takes a massive warship to the frontier to revive his family’s fortunes. Read it all starting here! (Warning, rated PG for some adult content.)

… and Vegetables!

And then there are peas. As communities grow, they create their own worlds complete with references and in-jokes that would cause outsiders to shake their heads in confusion. Nowhere is that more clear in the Star Citizen fandom than AngryPeas’ Peas: Epic Space Debris Prop. An ongoing comic featuring the adventures of a space pea, PESDP is very hard to classify… but it’s certainly keeping the denizens of the RSI forums entertained! You can read through the ongoing comic starting here.

Have you created a Star Citizen comic or story? Be sure to share it with us below and it could be featured on a future Fan Spotlight!

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