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November 25th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships Volume 3

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships Volume 3

In this week’s Fan Spotlight we’ll be returning to one of our favorite topics, Fan Ships! We here at CIG love everything space ships we are thrilled to see what our community creates. So check out a few of our recent favorites below!

Doom's Snub Fighter

We’ll start with Doom who has created a wicked looking snub fighter. Slick, agile, and mean are the first words that came to mind when I saw this ship. While it doesn’t currently have a name, I’d certainly be afraid to see this coming towards me.

Check out his thread!

Chmee's X-2 Manta

Created as a Xi’An/Human hybrid, the X-2 Manta is another slick star fighter. From the mind of Chmee, the X-2 looks like it could take out an Aurora before the enemy pilot even knew what hit him. A great design for such an agile fighter.

Check out his thread!

Samazook's Techron

Samazooks is new to 3D modeling and takes quite a different approach with his ship, The Techron. I love its aquatic feel and can imagine that this is what Steve Zissou would take into space. We’re all excited to see what else Samazooks comes up with.

Check out his thread!

EPhalanx's Puma

No stranger to the Fan Ships spotlight, EPhalanx has returned with his racer, the Puma. Accompanying this fantastic ship, EPhalanx has created a story involving a Captain & Lieutenant taking the Puma into battle. Additionally he’s created quite a few different paint schemes so definitely stop by his thread.

Check out his thread!

Thank you to everybody who spends their time creating fan ships for our game. We love looking at them and hopefully we get to see them fly someday. If you feel like we missed a ship leave it below! Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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