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January 14th 2013

Contest Winners and Star Citizen Survey

Contest Winners and Star Citizen Survey

Contest Winners

At long last, we are ready to announce the winner of the referral contest! With an amazing 431 people recruited to the Star Citizen cause, the winner is…

NATHAN RILEY, aka “Gallitin”!

Thank you for your incredible effort, Nathan! We hope you’ll enjoy your fully-loaded Alienware Aurora with a GTX680, Logitech HOTAS, Oculus Rift (to be sent on release) and Idris-class corvette to act as a base in the finished game!

We would also like to honor our second place winner, JESSICA F! She brought in an incredible 393 referrals and gets a GTX670, F710 Game Pad and Anvil Gladiator bomber!

And representing all those recruits is SHEPARD, who wins a GTX680, Logitech G940 and a Gladiator!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Your work helped spread word about Star Citizen further than we could ever have hoped to reach alone. A full list of runner-up winners will be posted on Wednesday.

Star Citizen Survey

Today we’re asking you to help the team with their work by taking a survey about your system and what you’re interested in seeing in the game.

The Survey is completely optional but by taking the time to fill it out you help us make sure we’re focusing our resources on building the game that you guys want to see and also lets us know what kind of hardware we need to be supporting.

Crowd funding makes this sort of process different and important:  You’ve already backed, now we just need to build the best game for YOU. Think of it like bespoke game making!

Please take a moment and fill out your answers, we appreciate your feedback!

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