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September 6th 2013

Star Citizen Patch 3
    • Tractor beam item does not appear in hangar
    • 325a missile mounts missing collision
    • Engine not shown in Holo-table interface for Aurora, Aurora LX and 315p
    • When entering right side of Aurora, door latch clips into ship and steps are not visible
    • BUG FIX: Installer now properly installs DirectX and Visual C++ redistributables on fresh copies of Windows 7 and 8
    • BUG FIX: Installer now properly installs on windows machine with multiple user accounts
    • NEW FEATURE: Installer now detects if new installer has already been installed – not compatibile with old installer installation
    • BUG FIX: Launcher no longer tries to load the electrolize font from Google
    • TWEAK: Publish date of patch more human readable
    • TWEAK: Audio fader tweaks
    • TWEAK: Optimizations to lower CPU usage
    • BUG FIX: Buggy will now spawn even when max ship count in hangar is reached
    • BUG FIX: Removed CryEngine 3 metrics – stops game client from hitting EA and Crytek websites
    • BUG FIX: Ladder mounting/dismounting
    • BUG FIX: ‘Use’ message no longer appears in the main menu
    • BUG FIX: Foot IK issues fixed in deluxe hangar
    • BUG FIX: Some ships appeared to be floating in the Business and Deluxe hangars
    • BUG FIX: Missing walls and ladders should now show up
    • BUG FIX: Environment sound updates and fixes
    • BUG FIX: Ambient sound would stop when walking into certain parts of the Deluxe hangar
    • TWEAK: More environment lighting and fog tweaks
    • TWEAK: Decals and grunge in some of the hangars
    • TWEAK: Glass shaders
    • TWEAK: Business hangar spawn points
    • TWEAK: Animation tweaks for most enter/exit and cockpit animations
    • NEW FEATURE: Added dialog telling user to restart when graphics quality is changed
  • SHIPS:
    • Hornet
      • BUG FIX: Missing floor in hornet cockpit
      • BUG FIX: Hornet wings no longer explode if hit
    • Aurora
      • BUG FIX: Right door now works for entering/exiting
      • BUG FIX: Should no longer beable to enter the pilot seat from outside the ship
    • Freelancer
      • BUG FIX: Exiting turret no longer causes user to teleport out of ship
      • UPDATE: Lighting and Textures
    • Constellation
      • BUG FIX: Crash when changing seats
      • TWEAK: Geometry, Texture and lighting changes
  • DATA (since last patch):
    • Patch Data transfered: 107.19TB
    • Installer downloads: 55,860
    • Amount of successful hangar logins: Over 240,000
    • Bug Issues Recorded: 99
    • Bug Issues Resolved: 89

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