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September 20th 2013

Star Citizen Patch 4
  • Patch Notes
    • Additions
      • ADD adding temp animation for passenger dismount
      • ADD iradarsignaturesystem which keeps track of all the iradarsignature created
      • ADD added placeholder billboard swf
      • ADD dded interior glass with it’s own environment map of the cockpit. for bug cbd-500
      • ADD added interior glass with it’s own environment map of the cockpit. for bug cbd-500
      • ADD adding new defaultspaceships entity archetypes library for use with vehicle mods and default equipment for space ships
      • ADD adding psd file to it’s own folder
      • ADD ik for the turret joysticks
      • ADD freelancer – flagged the copilot seat as a driver
    • Bug Fixes
      • BUG FIX audio ogg issue should now be fixed, cleaned up the ambient code so we only have one play sound function, integrated ssn fixes for our audio system, integrated a fix for ssn’s javascript cod
      • BUG FIX finally found the stupid registry bug that was causing massive headaches as well as added a check so the installer will tell you if the product is already installed
      • BUG FIX add many more landscape and portrait resolutions to the list cbd-378 #resolve
      • BUG FIX enabled disable ambient when focus of window is changed
      • BUG FIX changed display name from hammer propulsion hmx 4.4 to hammer propulsion hm 4.4.
      • BUG FIX fix flickering decals in the discount hangar cbd-97
      • BUG FIX business hangar. landing pads show up in the business hangar again. didn’t notice it when i dropped the spawnpoints for the floating ships
      • BUG FIX setting the pilot seat to reference a different animation layer to allow the seat to rotate properly in other levels.
      • BUG FIX temporary bug fix for if you are patching and it takes longer then 1 hour the launcher will check for updates, find none and move you forward to the patch complete status even thou you are s
      • BUG FIX fixing sound setup for greycat ptv – splitting up sound event groups into “engine” and “functionality” and also setting up required hard coded names for sounds used in game.
      • BUG FIX – aurora (all variants) fixing pilot seat entry bbox to not be accessible from outside. fixing interior bbox to allow pilot seat to be entered. setting up right side ladder for all auroras
      • BUG FIX adding the wav file back since ogg is boned, and adding in some console logging to help with debugging launcher issues.
      • BUG FIX fixing intial config.ismuted doesn’t exist so sound doesn’t play
      • BUG FIX adding back the torso ik disable when in a vehicle, fixes a camera snap when entering the hornet
      • BUG FIX player jumping. couple things. cryaction and cryphysics had instant and accumulated jumping flipped. fixed that so the enums are correct in cryaction. added a new jump that doesn’t accumu
      • BUG FIX cbd-473 don’t display @use_mounted if item already in use
      • BUG FIX cbd-479 cargo not showing up in business hangar. screwed up on initial pad offset. worked in discount and deluxe because their z is very close to 0.
      • BUG FIX cbd-496 reduced character sprint multiplier
      • BUG FIX [cbd-485] adjusted buggy first person view velocity and bounds
      • BUG FIX cbd-505 reposition the 3rd person pilot cameras for the constellation
      • BUG FIX cbd-508 adjust the first-person crouch view offset a little to avoid seeing the top of the player’s legs
      • BUG FIX cbd-503 fix a crash when exiting the game during a vehicle enter action
      • BUG FIX cbd-501 restore previous fov when exiting cockpit view
      • BUG FIX prevent a crash in both vehiclebarrelweapon and vehicleweapon by checking if the item is in use and if the vehicle pointer is valid before updating its item status
      • BUG FIX cbd-516 adjusted freelancer thirdperson minimum zoom
      • BUG FIX radar is disabled in the hangar
      • BUG FIX cbd-513 disable vehicle weapons based on the vehicle’s weaponsenabled flag
      • BUG FIX hangar flair. put bounds on item ports so they don’t roll into reserved ports. some flair items where there is only 1 port reserved will only spawn once flair item if extra are owned.
      • BUG FIX rsi-1031 re-enable turn speed parameter for player animation blending
      • BUG FIX rsi-1785 adjust animation blend to allow the player to play the full run animation when moving at full speed
      • BUG FIX fixed disabling of seat events
      • BUG FIX fix for cbd-477 and cbd-482 introduced new item type “mainthurster” to allow distinguish between maneuver and main thrusters
      • BUG FIX fixed xml namining on talon missile racks to have missilerackparams instead of missilerack
      • BUG FIX fixing missile rack reference on f7c to use proper talon missile rack
      • BUG FIX fix to front landing gear on hornet – setting up proper offset location for front landing gear helper pos
      • BUG FIX disable all dx10.1 or earlier gpu’s for amd & nvidia
      • BUG FIX remove the geometry that causes flickering decals.
      • BUG FIX resized floors to be tile friendly.
    • New Features
      • NEW FEATURE adjusted top wing hardpoint pivot positions.
      • NEW FEATURE added new pilot seat back in. i was informed that there currently isn’t code support for swappable chairs.
      • NEW FEATURE added very basic support for multiple driving seats.
      • NEW FEATURE updated position of geo on the top wing hardpoints.
      • NEW FEATURE new filter flag to indicate that something is “locked” for drag or interactive
      • NEW FEATURE adding basic interaction fgs used in connie switches
      • NEW FEATURE setup switches for kitchen table, beds, and bathroom – door, toilet, showerdoor and prepping for both gunner seats
      • NEW FEATURE added a missing piece of collision
      • NEW FEATURE cvar to switch between toggle and press/hold activation of holotable
      • NEW FEATURE added function to set the physics type on a vehicle
      • NEW FEATURE grav pallets
      • NEW FEATURE updated door collision. fixed pivot that was causing a piece of collision to extend too far. capped geo that was missing.
      • NEW FEATURE fixed collision on the door parts. fixed pivot that was causing one piece to extend out too far. fixed uncapped geo.
      • NEW FEATURE implemented splash screen for game startup
      • NEW FEATURE fix texture path ref in material
      • NEW FEATURE setting up quick post action to close canopy and ladder when entering hornet seat
      • NEW FEATURE deluxe hangar buggy track layers
      • NEW FEATURE – anvil hornet ball turret
      • NEW FEATURE vehicle passenger orbit view
      • NEW FEATURE hangar deluxe buggy track handling
      • NEW FEATURE added intial implementation of the vehicle signature system
      • NEW FEATURE added vehicle item cooler
      • NEW FEATURE added vehicle item signature dector
      • NEW FEATURE passenger interior views
      • NEW FEATURE item ports on items
      • NEW FEATURE tech
      • NEW FEATURE added vehicleitemidentifier with params
      • NEW FEATURE cbd-487 and cbd-436 – holotable will fade the lights back in once player walks away, also it will only be interactable within a minimum distance
      • NEW FEATURE [rsi-789] vehicle networking – set the bits for the networking of vehiclemovementspaceship values to 16 instead of 5
      • NEW FEATURE – fixed the locator_locomotion
      • NEW FEATURE – gun mesh dissapeared – fixed now
      • NEW FEATURE added interior glass with it’s own environment map of the cockpit. for bug cbd-500
      • NEW FEATURE – uploaded the arc corp 300 thruste engine nozzle
      • NEW FEATURE setup proper rotation parts on ball turret
    • New Features
      • OPTIMIZE splitted object update per renderer
      • OPTIMIZE optimized menurenderer3dmodelmgr update loop
    • Tweaks
      • TWEAK geo updates.
      • TWEAK removing a decal…again.
      • TWEAK – removed turret hardpoint
      • TWEAK – tweaked material file and textures – added an extra detail and blendmap to give the hull texture some more detail and intrest.
      • TWEAK tweaking hornet glass material to have noshadow on it to allow light to pass through glass
    • Updates
      • UPDATE changed tractor to size 2
      • UPDATE merged in updated right side door.
      • UPDATE rsi-409 first attempt at setting surface ids so that footsteps sound correct
      • UPDATE fixed names on left door parts. updated pivots on top wing hardpoints.
      • UPDATE updating loadout for aurora ln
      • UPDATE fixing part name mismatch
      • UPDATE enabled engines for the movement seat actions for all the ships. hangar ships still won’t be able to move since when the hangar spawns them it turns off their engines.
      • UPDATE adding workbench flair item back to discount hangar
      • UPDATE gloves mesh fix, and inside elbow wrinkes tweak
      • UPDATE database.xml adding a buggy to deluxe hangar at index 1
      • UPDATE fixed replace me ball when mounting on certain hardpoints
      • UPDATE deluxe hangar. updates for deluxe buggy track
      • UPDATE deluxe hangar. removed test assets i accidently left in for the buggy track
      • UPDATE tech setup for hornet ball turret
      • UPDATE detached and removed old wing weapons. moved, renamed, reparented, hard points for wing weapons.
      • UPDATE rigged and animated recoils
      • UPDATE updated with hardpoints. removed weapons per task and added hardpoints in their place. fixed quite a few decals that were crashed too far into geo. removed some duplicate geo. removed environ
      • UPDATE fixed some uv issues and started making damage geo. checking in so that others can use this while i am on another task.
      • UPDATE – updated animation
      • UPDATE rigged weapon for animation. found out weapon is no longer part of any ship. holding off on animation.
      • UPDATE fixed missing texture hornet lightshaft
      • UPDATE – updated animations
      • UPDATE – updated animaiton to match the new character animatin
      • UPDATE – fixed locator locomotion animation
      • UPDATE – updated steering wheel animatin and fixed the passenger pos nodes to be in the right spot
      • UPDATE rigged and animated recoil
      • UPDATE added recoil animation to behring m3a_laser
      • UPDATE cleaning pass
      • UPDATE revising footststeps a bit
      • UPDATE – updated
      • UPDATE updated turret chair animations and geometry on constellation
      • UPDATE updated and re-checked animations in constellation
      • UPDATE updated constellation fixes in geometry, animations and texture
      • UPDATE – updated something
      • UPDATE rigged and animated recoil
      • UPDATE assigned recoil animation for behring_m4a_laser
      • UPDATE rigged and animated recoil
      • UPDATE assigned recoil animation for behring_mk_iv_laser
      • UPDATE adding landingpad_helper to constellation
      • UPDATE – fixed texture file paths
      • UPDATE – broke out each barrel, added muzzle helpers and updated animation
      • UPDATE updated avatarcreationmachine
      • UPDATE rear door ditional segments added for better angle when opened, misc fixes on geo and uvs
      • UPDATE rigged and animated
      • UPDATE changed muzzle_out to dummy object
      • UPDATE changed the muzzle_out to dummy objects
      • UPDATE business bug fixes including missing geo behind glass to block vis area and create a new reflection pass mtl for the floor.
      • UPDATE business cry files have been updated for bug fixes including floor reflections and window into vis area.
      • UPDATE rigged and animated
      • UPDATE update nvidia gpu list to include newer and mobile gpus.
      • UPDATE updated animations on the copilot seats and the turret seats.

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