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November 1st 2013

Engineering: Updating the Hornet

Engineering: Updating the Hornet

Greetings Citizens,

Between the Hornet Sale and the Next Great Starship launch, it has been a busy week for Cloud Imperium Games and Star Citizen! We’re going to leave you off with a Work in Progress section from last month’s issue of Jump Point, detailing the process by which the Hornet model was updated from the original Star Citizen demo to the ship you can find in your Hangar today. The article also details the creation of the new Privateer character!

For those interested in adding a Super Hornet to their Hangar, this weekend is the end of the Hornet variant sale. After Monday at noon PST, the Super Hornet add-on ship, Weekend Warrior package and Super Hornet upgrade will be unavailable. They may return for a future event, but if you want an F7C-M now, this is your last chance! (Super Hornets will also be available in-game in Star Citizen.)

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