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July 31st 2019

Merchandise Survey

Merchandise Poll

Hello Citizens,

The revamp of our merch store is well underway, and we want to take this opportunity to get you involved. That’s right, we need the community’s help choosing between several items to determine some of the new Star Citizen merch available in the store.

First question – how do you prefer to contain your hot or cold beverages? In a classy sippable mug or a stylish chugable bottle? Both are capable of insulating their contents, keeping them as close as possible to the desired temperature. Choose wisely.

Second question – we know that sometimes you need to carry stuff, and we assume that whilst carrying said stuff you also want to show your love and support for Star Citizen. With that in mind, would you prefer using a sporty backpack or a dashing messenger bag to achieve both of those goals? The choice is yours.

Merch Poll

How do you prefer to contain your hot or cold beverages?

Total Votes: 7387

Which type of bag would you prefer?

Total Votes: 7387

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