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June 4th 2013

Observist Guide: New York

Observist Guide: New York

Hey there, traveler, so you’ve decided to take that trip. Good for you. There are millions of sights to see in this universe and the team at THE OBSERVIST are here to make sure you get the best travelling experience possible.


If you’re going to Earth, you absolutely must pay a visit to one of the most enchanting and historical cities in the UEE. From its days as part of the old United States to its current role at the heart of the modern Empire, New York has long been the romantic example of city life. These days, while the cost of living can be quite high, vacations and day trips into the city can be quite affordable. You just have to know where to go. That’s where we come in.


Unfortunately, there’s not an economical way to land in New York. The city purchased all the landing zones in and around the city hundreds of years ago, after the formation of the UPE, as a way to subsidize their budget. So the NYC Transit Bureau is your only option. At the bureau, they offer some refueling and repair options, but unless you’re almost on empty we’d recommend holding off. The mark-up is a killer so it’s probably best to put these off till you leave atmo.

While the area surrounding the NYC TB landing zone is mostly devoted to business and industry, handling the supply and resource needs of the city, there are a handful of interesting places to check out. The Full Tank is a rest-stop frequented by haulers on their way through the system. It’s always open, but don’t forget to stock up on souvenirs on your way in or out.

If you’re a member, you can also find a local office for the Merchant’s Guild at the landing zone. Who knows, maybe you can pick up some work to give you a little extra spending money.

Once you’re done here, hop a local subway line to take you into the city proper.


Those are the two things you will find in Midtown. The buildings of old New York, maintained for centuries now in SecuriPlating, loom near the vast halls of power of the UEE. Here you can find the home of the Senate, the Imperator and the Advocacy.

If you’re looking for another kind of power, be sure to swing by the flagship RSI Showroom and check out the latest models from the historic ship manufacturer or their small museum highlighting their popular ship models throughout their proud history.

If you’re here on a budget, you gotta understand that nothing in this area is cheap, so it’s probably best to keep on moving south. If you’re a Citizen with Credits to burn, stop by Magellan’s for a cocktail; just don’t blame us if they don’t let you in.


The furthest stop on the train south will put you in the emotional heart of the city. Sure, it’s still expensive to live here, but if you like some grit on your metropolis, this is the place to be.

Stop by the historic Bounty Hunter’s Guild at the old armory. Word of warning though, if you start talking to Karnes, the bounty hunter emeritus in residence, it’ll be tough to get him to stop.

Tucked away on 15th street, you’ll find O’Halloran’s, a small neighborhood pub. Their dinner specials are usually great, but the shepherd’s pie is outstanding.

We know we’re just scratching the surface here, but the beauty of a place like New York is the joy of getting lost and seeing what you discover. So start that descent, hop on the train, and get wandering.

After all, that’s the best way to observe.

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