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September 21st 2012

Poll: How Do You Want to Play a Space Game?

Poll: How Do You Want to Play a Space Game?

We know you’re eager to get back into space… but there seems to be a bit of a divide as to exactly what sort of space game people would like to play in the 21st century.

Chris Roberts is best known for his “interactive movies,” which tell a single story with a beginning, middle and ending. Strike Commander and much of the Wing Commander series fall into this category. He also helped develop the now-popular open world genre with Privateer, a game that had a story but was more about exploring a massive world and building your own adventure.

Another option might be a multiplayer-focused game like Wing Commander Armada, which asks the player to team up with his friends either to share a story or for head-to-head battles. Then there’s the quasi-persistent world developed for Freelancer, an interesting step between a single player open world game and a massively multiplayer world where players administer their own ongoing servers.

There’s no question that massively multiplayer games are a hot item today. Despite multiple attempts to develop Privateer Online, Origin never transitioned Chris Roberts’ vision to this seemingly appropriate setting. Other MMO space games, like Eve Online, seem to be appreciated today.

Or would you like to see something else entirely, perhaps not yet imagined?

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