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October 3rd 2012

Poll: Your First Chris Roberts Game?

Poll: Your First Chris Roberts Game?

One thing that has truly surprised the team as we’ve followed the RSI community is how many Freelancer fans there seem to be. In all honesty, we thought we would be catering to an audience of mostly Wing Commander fans, with the occasional Freelancer or Strike Commander devotee mixed in. It’s not that Freelancer wasn’t a popular (or great) game… it’s just that it doesn’t come up much when ‘gaming historians’ are looking back at the history of game development.

So now we’re going to ask straight out: where did you get started? One of Chris’ early games, part of the Wing Commander series or the work he did at Digital Anvil (Starlancer, Freelancer.) This will actually tell us quite a bit about the audience for the new game, so be honest!

Remember, if you plan to attend the event in Austin on October 10, please fill out this form.

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