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October 17th 2012

Poll: Have You Pledged?

Poll: Have You Pledged?

We’d very much appreciate it if you could help with a little marketing survey. We’re blown away by the type of support—Star Citizen pledges average almost three times those of ordinary crowdfunding projects—but we’re also nervous that the total number of supporters has remained low. We need to show the world that there are PC gaming fans out there who want this sort of AAA experience!

We had 30,000 registered users before the project was even announced, which means that two-thirds of you haven’t pledged. So, today’s poll is about trying to figure out why that might be. If you have some other reason or any thoughts about promoting the game, please post them here! And thank you all for the incredible support shown to date; if you’ve pledged or even just offered your thoughts about the games on the forum we truly do appreciate it.

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