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October 30th 2012

Update from RSI - Live Chat! Hurricane Sandy! Stretch Goals!

Update from RSI - Live Chat! Hurricane Sandy! Stretch Goals!

Hey Everyone! My name is Shawn – i’m the Front-End designer here, and wrangler of most things you see and interact with.

I’m writing this update because our superstar community manager Ben Lesnick is currently without power due to the wonders of Hurricane Sandy that hit the eastern coast of the United States.  Actually, a few of our team members are.

We’ve got a few pieces of news here. So I’m just going to get to them (I’m not quite the master wordsmith of some of the others on the team).
We’ve got Live Chat setup, which you can get to here: Here.
Live Chat: This is a way to communicate with your fellow Star Citizen pledgers and RSI community members, in an environment that allows that real-time communication that forums or comments just don’t accomplish. Chris Roberts let me know he’d be on for a couple of hours to answer questions.  So, make sure you don’t all hammer questions at him at once, or they’ll scroll up and out of sight. We’re pretty close to that 2.5 Million Stretch Goal!
Once we hit that, we’ll be revealing what the ‘locked’ one is on the 3.5 Million stretch goal.  And let me just say, it’s awesome.  It’s my personal favorite stretch goal.  It’s that good. A ‘nav bar’ on the Star Citizen crowdfund page.
We built this onto the page, so some of these new important pages can be navigated to more easily. This game is huge, and so is all the information surrounding it! Combining the RSI Site crowdfund number with the Kickstarter crowdfund number.
We’re now combining the numbers throughout the site.  You’ll shortly see some extra numbers as well, breaking down how much is from each.  No more mental math!

If you’re on the East Coast of the United States, we hope you’re doing OK through it all. We just got word Ben is enjoying his time away from all electronics.  He’s discovered his old Wing Commander manuals again!


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