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November 3rd 2012

New: Pledge Add-On Feature!

New: Pledge Add-On Feature!

A good number of community members have asked if they can add a specific manual or a ship or some other item, physical or digital, to their existing pledge. At long last, we hear you: we’ve updated the Kickstarter page with this option tonight and the main RSI pledge page will have these extra goodies available starting Monday!

Want to add an Origin 300i or a Squadron 42 manual to your existing purchase? Look no further! Here’s how it works: select the “Manage Your Pledge” button on Kickstarter and then increase the Pledge Amount box by the cost of the add-ons you would like to include. When the campaign is over, we’ll send you a survey so you can let us know which you’d like sent… it’s that easy!

Again, this feature will be added to the main site next week. Enjoy and keep reaching for those stretch goals!

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