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November 6th 2012

Star Citizen: Enlist Your Friends!

Star Citizen: Enlist Your Friends!

Recruit your friends, win prizes and give them an opportunity to win too!

Hello pilots! America has voted and we’re celebrating with some cool new pledge features.

Deep space is a cold, lonely place with an infinite set of dangers, from greedy pirates to deadly asteroid fields to lethal, ruthless, savage Vanduul raiders. It stands to reason then, that you’ll want someone to watch your back. And why settle for an AI wingman when you could form a squadron made up of your real world friends? We want to encourage you to bring your friends to the Star Citizen universe and we’ve come up with a new recruiting system that will reward you for convincing them to join you in the fight… and give them a chance at a prize, too!

Simply encourage your friends to pledge through a custom URL found on your My Account page and they’ll be marked on your account when they do. If they don’t use this link, they can also enter your username or email in and you will be credited with the recruit.

We’re not the only ones that believe in high end PC gaming: our friends at Alienware, Logitech, NVIDIA and Oculus are just excited about Star Citizen as you and have generously donated some great hardware for this pledge drive! We developed this recruiting system because it seemed like a fair and fun way to give everyone a shot at these prizes. Instead of offering the computer to whoever bids the most money, this gives everyone an equal chance, whether they’ve pledged $30 or $10,000… all while helping us reach those stretch goals. And who doesn’t love a competition?

The pilot who recruits the most wingmen in the next two weeks will win an Alienware Aurora Desktop that will be perfect for playing Star Citizen. Runners up can win prizes from a selection of NVIDIA GTX680 and GTX670 video cards, Logitech F710 Game Pads, Extreme 3D Pro Joysticks and even some in-game items like the Anvil Gladiator. Each one of your friends that you convince to join the fight will also get a small bonus of 250 in game galactic credits and be in the running to win some prizes themselves!

For more details please refer to the details on the Get out the Pledge competition page.

We’re also taking the election theme to heart and offering you our own form of voting if you want to help push us towards our stretch goals. Which part of the game are you most looking forward to… the intense single-player action of Squadron 42 or the vast and complex open world of Star Citizen? Cast your vote in the form of a limited edition fighter skin. $5 will get you a set of military markings for your ship designating your allegiance with Squadron 42…

Or the same amount will get you an explorer skin, outfitted with the Star Citizen jump point logo. Unlike a real election, you’re welcome to vote twice!

So get out there, pick a skin and start recruiting your friends to call the Star Citizen world home!


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