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November 8th 2012

$1 Million Dollars on Kickstarter!

$1 Million Dollars on Kickstarter!

We’d like to thank our incredible community for helping us hit $1 million in pledges today through the Kickstarter campaign. That’s twice our original Kickstarter goal and it brings the combined campaign total very close to $3 million! It’s incredible and humbling and we promise we’re going to put that money to good use, building the game you’re dreaming about.

The big news at the million dollar mark is that the largest playable ship is now the Idris class corvette, a powerful capital ship that you can crew with your friends. We’ll release more information about this warship in the coming weeks. In addition, all pledgers will get an extra 500 credits in the finished game to celebrate. Let the good times roll!

Our next Kickstarter goal is $1.25 million, where we’ll be able to build hidden smuggler asteroids. Remember the rumors of a secret asteroid cache in Privateer that no one could find? Well, Star Citizen will have real ones for you to discover!

We’d also like to take this moment to show off the first of the “Citizen Cards” you’ve been pledging for. This is the Scout-level “white” card which everyone purchasing will recieve. Note that this is just the digital mockup, we’ll show you the finished cards when they’re printed… and, of course, yours will be personalized with your name!


And the best news is there’s still 10 days left in the campaign. So keep spreading the news about Star Citizen so we can add more playable ships, more star systems and more exciting features to the game. And a sincere thanks to EVERYONE who has pledged!

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