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November 9th 2012

Friday Status Updates

Friday Status Updates

Hello everyone! We wanted to provide you with status updates about several of our ongoing projects and things you’ve been asking about.

Stretch Goals

We’re well on our way to $3.5 million, where you’ll unlock… cockpit decorations?! It’s true, and we’re actually getting more excited the more we think about the possibilities. Instead of just having a stock cockpit for your ship, deck it out with bobble heads, dinosaurs, hula girls, photographs and the like… and then show your friends when they visit your ship. And we’d like to know what YOU want to put on your dashboard or around your cabin, so let us know in the comments!

Additionally, we’re going to unlock another star system at every $100,000 between here and $4 million. And as we get there we’ll post telling you the name of the system and giving you the first idea of what you’re going to find there. It looks like we’re already well on our way to system #41!

Citizen Card

Today we’re showing off the “green” Bounty Hunter card. These come with the $60 “Make Mine a Double” tiers and we think they’re a worthy upgrade! Remember that your card will be personalized with your name (or whichever name you choose.) They make a great gift and a nice, subtle way to show people you’re a Star Citizen backer.

Contest Winners

We held a contest to give away concept art of the Bengal carrier signed by Chris Roberts and Ryan Church to the user who pushed us over $3 million and we’re proud to announce that the winners are Jonathan Chaney and Ben Moore. Congratulations, guys! There’ll be more chances to win prizes as we approach the $4 million level!

RSI Physical Add Ons

We promised these earlier in the week and are very sorry to report that there’s been an unexpected delay getting them into our system. We will have them up before the pledge period ends and you WILL be able to add them, at the current prices, after November 19th (as long as you’ve pledged at least $30 at that point.)

Pledge Linking

After a week of manually linking pledges, we’re confident that we have most of them finished. If your pledge is still not showing on your My Account page, please contact us we’ll take care of it immediately.

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