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November 9th 2012

Unlocked: Odin System

Unlocked: Odin System

We announced the star system stretch goals only a few hours ago and it’s already time to show you the first one! Congratulations on $3.1 million, pilots! Here’s what you’ve added to the map:

Odin System

Ownership: United Earth Empire Planets: 4 Planetary Rotation: Osiris II 487 SED (Standard Earth Day) Imports: Food, Medical Supplies Exports: None Black Market: Weapons, Gemstones UEE Strategic Value Rank: Grey

Description: Odin is one of the oldest star systems visited by man. Fifty thousand years ago, it was a vibrant solar system remarkably similar to Earth or Terra. Since that time, Odin’s star has degenerated into a white dwarf, rendering its planets icy nightmare worlds.

Odin II is within the system’s minuscule green band and is home to a variety of temporary UEE “deep freeze” expeditions, with the lack of surviving vegetation making it an ideal site for a weapons laboratory. Smugglers occasionally choose to call the system home, but their stays are infrequent… Odin is too cold even for pirates and trained killers.

Odin II’s moon, Vili, is frequently used as a corporate weapons testing range. As a result, something of a black market for weapons technology has grown up in the region: much of it is junk, but pilots have reported finding occasional deals on discarded top-of-the-line military-grade surplus.

There is a thick asteroid belt close in, likely the remnants of a planet which did not survive the star’s failure. The UEE formally bans mining in the system, although little effort is paid to enforcing this edict. The field is largely uninteresting, but intrepid miners have been known to hit on substantive caches of gemstones, making their trips worthwhile.

Odin IV is a gas giant and home to a UEE-sponsored hydrogen rendering station and fuel depot. Fuel is remarkably cheap here for this part of the galaxy, although accommodations are notoriously spartan.

Known jumps to Baker, Helios and Osiris.

Next up, at $3.2 million: “Seven planets exist in this system.  Unfortunately, the star is about to go supernova so no one has claimed it.  A great place to have clandestine meetings.”

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