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November 10th 2012

Unlocked: Tyrol system

Unlocked: Tyrol system

Unbelievable – two systems unlocked in two days! Here’s your first look at the Tyrol System… plus some other good news: two new ships will unlock, at $3.25 million and $3.75 million and you’ll get descriptions of those as well! Plus, more details about the FPS mode at $3.5 million and an update to it at $4 million! So keep those pledges coming.

Tyrol System

Ownership: None

Planets: 7

Planetary Orbit: Tyrol V 21,711.2 SED (Standard Earth Day)

Import: None

Export: Mineral, Elements

Black Market:  Sentient Trafficking, Narcotics, Mercenaries, You name it.

UEE Strategic Value: Grey

Description: Located near the Banu Protectorate, Tyrol is a powder keg. One of the stars in the binary pair has entered the sub-giant phase of its evolution and scientists are predicting that it will go nova soon. Therefore, the UEE has designated the system as a scientific/research zone, allowing the scientific community to set up to record the effects of a nova up close.

This also means that there is no real law presence in the system. If you can avoid the scientific research stations, you can find all sorts of disposable settlements on the planets. Most of them are used for smuggling operations while some are simply squatter camps, looking for free real estate before the system explodes.

Tyrol V currently hosts the most organized settlement, known as Haven. The planet surface is burned out from the star’s initial evolution to the sub-giant phase and most humanoids require some kind of thermal shielding in their clothes in order to avoid blindness and sunburn.

Haven is built into the rock of a vast canyon in an effort to keep the temperature down. What started as a small network of tunnels expanded as more fugitives, criminals, expatriates, and outlaws decided to roll the dice and hide in a dying system.

Jump-point connections to Charon System (UEE) and Xi’An Territory.

Next up, at $3.3 million: “Home of the infamous QuarterDeck PrisonWorld.  Don’t mess with the Cops around here.”

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