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November 12th 2012

Unlocked: Kellog System

Unlocked: Kellog System

Truly amazing – three systems in three days (with a new ship to boot!) At this rate we’re going to need to be printing bigger maps. Here’s your $3.3 million added system, the 43rd in the game, Kellog:

Kellog System

Ownership:  Developing System

Planets:  6

Planetary Rotation: Kellog II 390 SED, Kellog VI 78,538 SED

Import:  Criminals, Food

Export:  Antimatter

Crime Status:  Very Low

Black Market:  Narcotics, Biological Goods

UEE Strategic Value:  Blue

Description: Located near Vaduul territory, the Kellog system is home to a stark dichotomy.

Kellog II (“Xis”) has been designated by the UEE Subcommittee for Development & Expansion as a Developing World to a primitive species. A lush jungle paradise world, Xis would be otherwise ideal for human colonization. There is a small market for medicines and other organic goods collected with some risk on the planet’s surface. Flo-pets, the focus of a brief exotic animal fad among Earth’s upper class, were initially illegally trapped here.

Meanwhile, the outer planet in the system is the infamous QuarterDeck PrisonWorld, a maximum security penal facility home to hundreds of thousands of hardened criminals. The UEE allows prisoners at QuarterDeck to work their sentences in a full-process antimatter refinery; the fuel is thus available cheaply and raw materials involved in its creation are sometimes at a premium. Bounty Hunters should note that QuarterDeck’s booking officers are known to pay a reasonable rate for captured criminals.

D&E dictums specify that the system is not to be tampered with and so the other planets have also been declared off-limits for mining and exploration purposes. The small army of police and guards that monitor QuarterDeck ensure that no one interferes with the planets or the species on Kellog II. Should they catch someone, they certainly don’t have to take them too far.

Next, at $3.4 million: “Binary Star System.  Nicknamed the Olympus Pool because it is situated in the middle of a wildly colored Emission Nebula.  Popular vacation/resort system.”

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