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November 15th 2012

Unlock: Ellis System & Thursday Updates

Unlock: Ellis System & Thursday Updates

$3.6 million, and the systems are unlocking faster than ever! You’ll get another one at $3.7M and then a new ship added to the game at $3.75M. Keep up the pledges!

Ellis System

Ownership:  UEE (corporate)

Planets:  13

Planetary Rotation:  Ellis IV (200 SED), Ellis IX (8,922 SED)

Import:  Mechanical Goods, Luxury

Export:  Fuel

Crime Status:  Medium (Gambling)

Black Market: None

UEE Strategic Value:  Purple

Description: Ellis is most famously home of the Murray Cup, the jewel in in-system star racing’s triple crown. The Ellis route runs through the densely packed inner worlds, through the twin asteroid belts and stops at one of Ellis VIII’s Lagrange points. A series of thousands of orbital monitoring buoys has been deployed throughout the system to monitor and broadcast race progress. During the off-season, aspiring racers and engine customization fans are allowed to run the track themselves for a small fee.

Ellis IV (Seahorse) is an entirely ordinary green-band planet save for an unusually high gravity for a settled world: over twice Earth standard. As such, Ellisians tend to be stocky and muscular and the planet’s fauna takes on a variety of interesting shapes (the best example being the aptly named flatcats.) Seahorse boasts a shining A+3 colonization rating from UEE Colonization Command.

Ellis IX (Walleye) is a gas giant which has been patterned for use as a refueling world. Large freighters and warships form visually impressive queues to take on much needed fuel, and a service industry has formed for long-haul transport crews making layovers in the system during the lengthy Earth-Pinecone run. Nearby refineries dot the planet’s skyline and cheaply convert the raw fuel for mass export.

Next, at $3.7 million: “Pirate System.  Galactic Junkyard.  One sun, there for light and a massive garbage disposal. “

Citizens Card

Here’s the gold “Vice Admiral” Citizens Card, which you can get by pledging $500 or more to the project. How cool would it be to have one of these in your wallet?

Account Issues

Thanks to your incredible patience we believe we have every known “backup” account linked. If you’re still having trouble with an account or an upgrade not showing in your My Account area, please contact Sandi and she will sort everything out!


And again thanks to your support after our last post, we’ve crossed the “10,000 likes” barrier with the Facebook page. So… mission control says: go for 15,000!

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