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November 16th 2012

Unlock: ORIGIN M50, RSI Add-Ons Online and a Prize!

Unlock: ORIGIN M50, RSI Add-Ons Online and a Prize!

The pledgers at Kickstarter have been busy, too, and they’ve unlocked a speedy new interceptor to work towards in the finished game, the ORIGIN M50! Specifications are below.

The other great news tonight is that the RSI addon process is now online! You can add manuals, soundtracks, novellas and other goodies to your pledges here.

Now it’s time for the march to $4 million… and we’re offering a great prize to the person who crosses the line for us: Mr. or Mrs. $4 Million will get signed Constellation concept art, a free upgrade to the next pledge tier and the FIRST ORIGIN M50 Interceptor off the assembly line in the finished game!


Crew (max): 1

Mass (empty): 14,000 Kg

Focus: Interceptor / Racer

If you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and with as much style as possible then ORIGIN’s M50 is for you. Featuring supercharged engines that counter a tiny weapons loadout, the M50 is a ship for going FAST. The core spaceframe is used by both racing teams and for military courier missions, but the civilian M50 is a luxury spacecraft like no other. Perfect for the mercenary who prefers speed over armor in a dogfight… or the weekend warrior looking to impress the ladies.

Upgrade Capacity: 5

Cargo Capacity: 3 tonnes



Modifiers: 3

Max. Class: Fusion

Thrusters: 2 x TR4, 8 x TR2



2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Kroneg AS-44 Needle Repeater Laser

2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x Talon Devastator (HS) missiles

End Transmission



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