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November 17th 2012

Unlock: Kallis System

Unlock: Kallis System

Good news: we’re continuing the system unlocks all the way to $5 million! At $4.1M, you’ve unlocked Kallis… and if you see another system, it’ll mean we’ve topped the crowd-funding record!

Kallis System

Ownership: UEE Scientific Outlay Planets: 9 Planetary Rotation: Kalis IV 322 SED Import: Research Equipment, Luxury Goods Export: Rare Metals Crime Status: Low Black Market: None UEE Strategic Value: Grey

Kallis is a system still in its infancy. All the planetary masses are still forming and cooling. It’s not ideal for colonists and with the exception of some rare metals in unusual concentrations it’s not great for merchants… but all eyes are on the system in the scientific community. As such, the system has no native population or representation in the UEE senate; it is officially governed by a panel of Imperial researchers.

Kalis IV, survey number DXP-55.7c, has attracted particular attention because of its believed similarity to Earth at this stage of a star system’s formation. Survey teams are observing the planet from orbital stations and spy-eye recon drones twenty-three hours a day and the work is less than thrilling. The potential for studying how an Earth-like planet is formed is exciting, but all parties involved know that it will take tens of thousands of years to gather the necessary data. Black market traders might be advised that the crews manning these posts will be looking for other forms of entertainment to fill their days.

Kallis’ 7th planet, a gas giant, has been identified as a potential refueling station, although only a small Lagrange platform currently exists there. The belief is that Kallis may become a jump hub as expansion into this region of the galaxy continues; canny real estate investors would be advised to purchase land deeds immediately.

Next, at $4.2M: “Massive SuperEarth planets terraformed solely for their resources.”

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