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November 17th 2012

Unlock: Trise System

Unlock: Trise System

$4.3 million – that’s the third system unlock today, that carrier can’t be far behind!

Trise System

Ownership: Banu
Planets: 1
Planetary Rotation: 209 SED
Import: Foodstuffs, copper
Export: Medical, Printed Material
Crime Status: Low
Black Market: Poisons (Religious)
UEE Strategic Value: Orange

A single planet orbiting close to a star, the Trise System is not one
of the galaxy’s most inviting spots. To the Banu, however, it is holy
ground: the location of “The Council,” their religious collective. The
Council is responsible for the dictums that define Banu society, but
their own calling requires that they be separated from their people in
so much as is possible. As a result, Trise is located deep in Banu
territory far from any populated systems.

There are no great Banu pilgrimages, though, so do not expect to move
worshippers to and from the system. The idea that the collective must
be separate from the society is law. In fact, shippers take note, The
Collective prefers human and Xi’An goods specifically because they
wish to avoid the influence of their own people… and they’re willing
to pay top dollar to maintain their philosophy.

Banu monk equivalents do produce elaborate copper-based artwork which
has a certain kitsch value; their healers concoct a variety of
medicines which have been shown to have a positive effect on human

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