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November 17th 2012

Unlock: Eealus System & Name A System!

Unlock: Eealus System & Name A System!

$4.4 million dollars! We’re so close to unlocking the next set of stretch goals… don’t stop! Read on for details of the Eealus System:

Eealus System

Ownership: Xi’An Empire Planets: 5 Planetary Rotation: 430 SED Import: Foodstuffs Export: Fertilizer Crime Status: Low Black Market: Animals UEE Strategic Value: Purple

Eealus is the Xi’An Empire’s prime nature preserve. Per Xi’An policy, there are in fact four identical nature preserve worlds scattered around the empire (two are kept secret, one is designated “backup” and Eealus is “prime.”) The planet was laid out from the ground up to act as a massive zoo/terrarium and features every single species located in the Xi’An sphere of influence. Despite the planned nature of the world (like most Xi’An worlds) it is a truly beautiful place.

Eealus imports food and a great deal of other natural resources in order to maintain the artificial environments needed to simulate every Xi’An world on a single planet. For the less scrupulous, there is an eager black-market for species stolen from Eealus.

Be warned that the Xi’An do NOT take kindly to attempting to import species from other worlds without their permission. A flo-pet outbreak some years back has lead to a shoot first, don’t bother asking question ever policy among Xi’An customs patrols.

For humans not interested in the vast cultural riches of an ancient empire, Eealus is best known as the setting for pop sensation Xandi’s debut music video.

Next: “A corporate business park writ large”

Name a System

The UEE Scientific Outlay has just reported in: five new star systems have been charted and the naming rights are available. We’re offering five high-dollar pledgers interested in impacting the shape of the Star Citizen universe itself naming rights for these planets! For $5,000 you can pick the name of the system which will appear in the finished game in perpetuity and one of our designers will also work with you on building the system itself, to make sure it includes a few references and features that appeal to you. Please note that we have the right of refusal; your system name needs to fit in the spirit of the Star Citizen universe. This is the only time we will offer naming rights for systems – in the future, you’ll need to discover a jump point and compete with other players to name a location, and you won’t be involved in its design! You can pledge for a star system here.

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