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November 18th 2012

Unlock: Stanton System, Stretch Goals & Name a System

Unlock: Stanton System, Stretch Goals & Name a System

$4.5 million dollars… it’s going to be a tough record for anyone else to break! In addition to a new system (below) you’ve also unlocked extended hardcore flight sim controller support, playable destroyers, a Vanduul trading post base and an additional alien race, the Kr’tak! Next up is $5 million, where you’ll earn a tablet application, increased community updates and town hall meetings with Chris Roberts. Squadron 42 will boast celebrity voice acting with at least one returning favorite and a full 50-mission campaign, while Star Citizen will launch with 70 star systems and let you discover a hidden alien derelict base type!

Stanton System

Ownership: UEE (Corporate) Planets: 4 Planetary Rotation: MicroTech (350 SEG), Hurston Dynamics (588 SEG), ArcCorp (730 SEG), Crusader Industries (1554 SEG) Import: Raw Materials, Manpower Export: Weapons, Electronics, Computer Tech Crime Status: Low Black Market: None UEE Strategic Value: Purple

The Stanton System is a corporate business park writ large: a series
of four massive SuperEarth planets terraformed for their resources.
Though built by the UEE proper, they have since been sold off to the
highest bidders support construction of the Synthworld. Some of the
largest corporations in the galaxy purchased rights to the worlds, at
a cost of trillions of galactic credits.

Despite the ridiculous corporate names, the transfer of the
SuperEarths was initially largely ceremonial; the population of
MicroTech did not suddenly belong to the corporation and each world
had its own dynamic economy. Since that time, however, the
corporations have begun consolidating power and generally moving to
bleed the planets dry.

The planets do act as corporate headquarters for the companies in
question and they are home to wholesale production facilities where an
eager merchant might find a good deal. MicroTech produces electronics,
including handheld sensors and computer software upgrades for
starships. Hurston Dynamics is a serious weapons provider for the
civilian market, ArcCorp builds fusion engines and Crusader Industries
constructs and operates slowboat colonies.

Next: “At the center of the system is a Classical Cepheid star, a
yellow supergiant that pulsates.”

Name a System

The UEE Scientific Outlay has just reported in: five new star systems have been charted and the naming rights are available. We’re offering five high-dollar pledgers interested in impacting the shape of the Star Citizen universe itself naming rights for these planets! For $5,000 you can pick the name of the system which will appear in the finished game in perpetuity and one of our designers will also work with you on building the system itself, to make sure it includes a few references and features that appeal to you. Please note that we have the right of refusal; your system name needs to fit in the spirit of the Star Citizen universe. This is the only time we will offer naming rights for systems – in the future, you’ll need to discover a jump point and compete with other players to name a location, and you won’t be involved in its design! You can pledge for a star system here.



Unfortunately, a technical problem has forced us o take the RSI forums offline for the duration of the campaign. The software was not designed to the number of users we were seeing and it was dragging the entire site to a crawl. We will be switching to a vBulletin system in the near future and your existing posts are NOT lost. We will post links to alternative ways to engage with the team during the 24 hour end-of-campaign party tomorrow.

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