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November 18th 2012

Unlock: Nul System

Unlock: Nul System

$4.6! Keep going—that carrier is less than a million dollars away. Note that the Cloud Imperium team is traveling to the end-of-campaign event this morning and that we may be slow to respond to issues… but you’ll see us live soon!


Nul System
Ownership: None
Planets: 5
Planetary Rotation: no inhabitable worlds
Import: none
Export: none
Crime Status: Low
Black Market: Slaves
UEE Strategic Value: Grey

Nul is a Classical Cepheid star, a yellow supergiant that pulsates
(swelling 10-15% in size and luminosity) approximately every few
months. Due to the variable nature of the star, attempts to terraform
have not been successful, so the system was simply abandoned. To the
public (and most law enforcement) there is nothing of interest in the
system.  To a sliver of the criminal element, it’s the site of a slave
market, set up for randomly determined times and locations to keep it
under the radar.

This guide can not, in good conscious, advise pilots to engage in
human trafficking. Even with a less human set of morals, it would be
ill-advised: modern slavers are just as likely to take a hapless cargo
pilot right alongside his victims. The only advice is: avoid at all

Next, at $4.7 million: “The construction yard for the mighty UEE Navy.”

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