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November 18th 2012

Unlock: Kilian System

Unlock: Kilian System

We just passed the $4.7 million mark! The Cloud Imperium team is on the ground in Austin and we’re setting up for the livestream. Hard to believe how close to the $5 million mark we are… check back soon for more updates.

Kilian System
Ownership: UEE
Planets: 14
Planetary Rotation: MacArthur (488 SED), Gimbal (690 SED)
Import: Weapons, heavy metals, luxury items, spare parts
Export: Weapons (surplus)
Crime Status: Low
Black Market: Narcotics, gambling
UEE Strategic Value: White

The construction yard for the mighty UEE Navy and the birthplace of
the Bengal-class carrier. Scores of shipyards work 24/7 building and
resting destroyers, orbital stations, planetary defenses and other
space assets.

As with any navy base, merchants can make a killing offering
less-than-legal entertainment options… but anyone thinking to ship
anything especially harmful under the eyes of the bulk of UEE Navy
will not last long as a smuggler. On the legal side, Kilian is always
in need of raw materials for starship hulls, spare parts for operating
the fleet and there are even shipping contracts available to civilians
willing to bring munitions constructed elsewhere.

Several spacecraft companies maintain formal showrooms in the Kilian
System, including Roberts Space Industries and Anvil Aerospace.

Located near the eastern systems, Kilian is also where recruits from
Terra go for basic training, and is the source of the traditional
space shanty “Off to Kilian’s Fields.”

Next, at $4.8 million: “famously known as the No Man’s Land where the
bulk of the warships of the UEE and Xi’An fleet maintained their

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